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If you are a current full week newspaper subscriber, you can enjoy access to The Gladstone Observer Unlimited for free.

In addition to your current print subscription, you will now be able to enjoy: 

  •  Unlimited digital access to all of the latest local stories on The Gladstone Observer's website;
  •  Access to our mobile & tablet app which brings you the news in an easy-to-use format; and
  •  Access to the digital print edition of The Gladstone Observer newspaper so that you can read the day's paper online.

As an added bonus, when you activate your digital subscription, you'll receive 52 weeks of free digital access to The Washington Post, one of the world's leading newspaper publishers. 

All of this is valued at over $300 per annum*. 


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All you need is your Account Number which you can find on a recent APN Invoice/Statement (see example below).

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If you are a part-week print subscriber and are interested in enjoying the benefits of a digital subscription, please contact our Subscriber Services team on 1300 361 604 to discuss your options. The Subscriber Services team are available 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I am a 6-day APN newspaper home delivery subscriber and I receive an invoice/statement from APN each month.  How do I activate my complimentary digital subscription?

A) All you need to do is find your Account Number from your invoice/statement and then click on the Activate Now button above to complete your registration. You will then need to enter in your details including address, postcode and Account Number.

Q) I am a 6-day APN newspaper subscriber and pay my local newsagent. How do I activate my complimentary digital access?

A) You’ll first need to create an account directly with APN. To create an account please call our Subscriber Services Team on 1300 361 604 during normal business hours.

Q) If I create an account directly with APN in order to activate my complimentary digital subscription, what payment options are available to me?

A) You can choose to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) or receive a 4-weekly invoice via email.

Q) What is my Account Number?

A) Every APN newspaper subscriber is allocated an Account Number. Your number is listed on all subscription-related letters including your ARM invoice / statement. If you don’t know your Account Number, please call our Subscriber Service Team on 1300 361 604 during normal business hours.

Q) I’m a part-week APN newspaper home delivery subscriber.  Do I receive complimentary digital access?

A) To enjoy the benefits of complimentary digital access, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription to 6-days.  To do so, simply call our Subscriber Services team on 1300 361 604 during normal business hours.


Terms and Conditions

Offer is not transferable for cash and is subject to change.  Offer only available to 6-day Gladstone Observer home delivery subscribers who pay for their subscription directly to APN Australian Regional Media (APN) by 4-weekly recurring credit card payment or by APN invoice. If you cancel your Gladstone Observer home delivery subscription your complimentary digital subscription will cease on the same day.  Offer includes unlimited access to gladstoneobserver.com.au, The Gladstone Observer mobile & tablet apps, The Gladstone Observer digital print edition and 52 weeks of free digital access to The Washington Post.  Offer does not include a The Courier Mail digital subscription.

*Value calculation as at August 2015 based on digital print edition price of $3.75 per week x 52 weeks = $195 plus washingtonpost.com subscription price of US$99 = A$132.