July 2015

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IF IT looks like a pedestrian crossing, smells like a pedestrian crossing, it is a pedestrian crossing, but not so the Toolooa St crossing.

Toolooa St crossing battle leaves councillors puzzled

"I don't mind if they change it to black and white zebra stripes, but right now it doesn't technically..."

January 2015

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KIN KORA Primary School will be among the first in the state to benefit from a roll-out of flashing lights if the LNP is re-elected.

Kin Kora school to get better crossing under LNP

"Just to clarify gedna, this was a commitment the LNP Roads Minister said would go across all schools no..."

July 2014

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DIRECT flights from Sydney to Gladstone have left the tarmac for good. Very low passenger numbers on the QantasLink services have been blamed for the move.

QantasLink cancels Gladstone to Sydney flights

"Hi foxwellh, Qantas called us direct yesterday and told us they were making the announcement. We..."

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IF YOU don’t lock your car, you can get fined $40.

$40 fine if car unlocked

"You guys are right, it's certainly not a new law, but the police are trying to raise awareness so that..."

June 2014

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ON Monday, June 2, one of Gladstone's local radio stations is turning back the clocks.

Zinc turns back time to 4CC, the station locals grew up with

"Hi Tigershark, you are correct. It first began as 4CD, and served the longest amount of time as 4CC."

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