January 2021

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Scott Morrison will on Thursday reveal details of a new Heads of Agreement with east-coast liquefied natural gas companies.

PM in Gladstone for LNG announcement to cut power costs

"Surely a more accurate article heading could have been used. eg "PM in Gladstone to announce 4,500..."

October 2020

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“I have never seen such desperate attempts to gain, or retain power.”

OPINION: Taxpayers pay politicians to deliver for communities

"All candidates make voting a farce by not releasing their costings until the last minute. How can any..."

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Readers have their say on the future of coal power, the withdrawal of the ADF from border checks in Queensland, and whether the unemployed are lazy.

YOUR LETTERS: Going cold on coal power

"Peter Pronczac says "Besides turbines average only 10% of their rated capacity. Would you accept that..."

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RESIDENTS attended a community forum in order to discuss a number of concerns over the proposed wind farm in the region.

Why local residents are worried about $2B wind farm project

"I am amazed that anyone at all is listening to One Nation after their disastrous buying trip to America..."

July 2020

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One of Qld’s biggest manufacturers and the employer of almost 1000 people is facing a fight for survival if surging electricity prices are not brought down.

Bill shock may pull plug on 1000 smelter jobs

"Methinks Rio doth protest too loudly. For goodness sake (FFS for younger readers) Rio owns the power..."

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The dangerous scripts anti-maskers are using when they’re confronted by police are being shared online to encourage others to use them.

Anti-maskers’ script revealed

"People such as Bunnings Karen should be sentenced to 200 hours working in a nursing home with know..."

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