YOUR SAY: More than 50 things to do in Gladstone this break

UNCONVINCED by those claiming there's next to nothing to do in Gladstone over the school holidays, an Observer reader has taken it upon themselves to enlighten people.

And their way of doing it was absolutely brilliant!

The passionate local sent The Observer a letter to prove just how much there was on offer around the region.

The letter included a a creative poem, accompanied by an alphabetised list of more than 50 activities people can do in the area.

See below for the quirky rhyme, followed by the comprehensive list of activities:


Our Town

"It has come to my attention that there are some people in this town

Who think there's not a thing to do and sit around and frown

So in alphabetic order I have sat down to compile

A list of all events that are really worth your while.

I have left the letter 'X' to mark this special place we know

Upon the map of Queensland where there's so much, get up and go

So join the happy crowd, leave your TV and phone behind

And before long you'll realise that you have had a change of mind.

Now there will be some of you who say

That's all very well, but who's going to pay

Just take another look more carefully

And you'll find amongst all this

That some of it is free."


Activities from A to Z:

A. Athletics, archery

B. Basketball, bowls, beaches

C. Crabbing, cricket, camping

D. Dancing, dining, drags

E. Exercising, East Shores

F. Football, fishing

G. Gymnastics, golf

H. Hockey, hiking

I. Industry

J. Joy of living

K. Kayaking

L. Lions Club

M. Music

N. Netball

O. Outriggers

P. Painting, picnics

Q. Quota Club, Quoin Island

R. Riding (horses)

S. Swimming, soccer, skiing (water), squash, singing, softball, skate board rink

T. Tennis, touch football

U. University

V. Volleyball

W. Walking trails

Y. Yoga

Z. Zumba

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