A mystery creature is terrorising wildlife and damaging property
A mystery creature is terrorising wildlife and damaging property

Yowie? Panther? Community terrorised by mystery creature

ANIMALS found dead, cages ripped apart and locked gates destroyed - but there was no sign of the mystery culprit behind it.

Kay McCullock, founder of Consciousness Development and Research Group, posted to Facebook this week to describe a series of attacks near her Wamuran-Woodford property.

She said the creature behind the attacks had killed three guinea fowl birds at her neighbour's property, and at a strawberry farm nearby the creature left behind "huge paw prints".

"It has come down to yowies and black panthers," she said.

"When I looked into the (neighbour's) yard, I could see (the guinea fowls) getting attacked by - you're gonna' love this - an unseen predator...

"As if the birds were being thrown around by something invisible.

"When I found three lots of clumped feathers there was no blood and no bodies."

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The most recent run-in Ms McCullock had with the creature was on Saturday last week.

"I heard 'it' again and went out with my sword and yelled at it.

"I heard growling and a kind of snorting.

"It went silent and then I heard it jump the fence (3.5 feet) and run west away from me on the road.

"It was quick and by the time I got to the gate I couldn't see anything."

However yesterday it seems the mystery creature was identified - Ms McCullock posted to Facebook again and said the attacks were actually caused by a pack of wild dogs and dingoes.

"But due to the vast area animals are being attacked there may be two or more packs.

"Areas affected are Wamuran to Elimbah to Woodford to Mt Mee... this is a huge area.

"No locals have taken photos of footprints but have sighted the dog packs and dingos."

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