Youth charged after crime spree

A YOUTH who went on drunken sprees appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court on a long list of charges.

Lomas Ralph Yow Yeh pleaded guilty to two counts of assault or obstructing a police officer, two counts of committing public nuisance, entering premises and committing an indictable offence, four counts of wilful damage, attempted unlawful use of a motor vehicle, two counts of attempted unlawful entry of a motor vehicle, breach of bail condition, stealing and unlawful entry of a vehicle.

Police prosecutor Constable Troy Daubaras said at 12.30am on August 17 police received a 000 call to attend Sutton Street.

Yow Yeh had been trying to break into cars, using a rock to scratch the sides of cars and had smashed a fluoro light.

He had then started knocking on doors of flats in the complex.

In May police were called to Eden Street and Oaka Lane at 10 o’clock at night where people where fighting in the street and loud music was playing.

The defendant was yelling at police and creating a disturbance.

He was warned, but when police returned later to another fight in the street Yow Yeh was still abusive.

In yet another incident at 11pm on June 6, police attended Yaralla Sports Club where they found the door of the janitor’s shed jemmied open and there was graffiti. The defendant was found with paint on him.

In July he was also charged with public nuisance and obstructing offences in Gympie.

The defendant had threatened to kill the police officers, the court heard.

At 9.10pm on August 2 Yow Yeh was caught breaking into cars at the Gladstone Tennis Courts and had blood on his hands from smashing car windows.

The breach of bail charge came from offending outside of curfew hours.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service solicitor Anthony Defraine said his client’s offences were at the lower end of the scale and asked for probation for his client.

Magistrate Mark Morrow placed Yow Yeh on 15 months probation and ordered he do 150 hours community service. Convictions were recorded.

He was ordered to pay $1375 restitution for damage to the cars.

“You have a defiant attitude toward authority,” the magistrate told the 17-year-old.

A further charge of assault occasioning bodily harm was adjourned until October 14.

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