YOUR SAY: What you would like to know about LNG projects

WHILE the LNG projects continue to reach milestone events, Gladstone residents are keen to find out more about the flare emissions billowing from Curtis Island.

Yesterday Santos GLNG welcomed its LNG cargo ship, Seri Bakti, to its jetty.

Now its loading systems will undergo testing, before it delivers Santos GLNG's first LNG cargo to South Korea in coming weeks.

>> Meters monitoring flares not fully functional: report

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>> GLNG starts LNG production on schedule, within budget

But Gladstone residents are still concerned over the impact of the flare burning at two of the projects.

On October 19, the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection will visit the island, following a request for information about the safety of flare emissions.

The Gladstone Region Environmental Advisory Network arranged the visit at their August meeting.

The Observer asked its social networkers what they would like to find out about the industry.

Readers are sending us their photos of the GLNG flare today creating some heavy black plumes; today the ship arrived...

Posted by The Observer on Sunday, 27 September 2015

Jayne Ball: I would like to know how this can possibly be within the scope approved by the EIS. And what will be done.

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Michele Shaun Fowler: It's all good , not one bit harmful to us! Or so we're told.

David Weir: With a northerly influence in the breeze that muck is blowing over us. I wonder if that is why there are so many people struggling with respiratory problems of late?

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