Your say: Gladstone a place to work, not enjoy

GLADSTONE has become a place to work, not to enjoy, according to one resident.

Commenting on The Observer's Facebook page on Thursday, Kris Ansell said Gladstone had multi-billion dollar corporations all around it, but didn't have the community facilities to match.

He was commenting about Thursday's If I Was Mayor story, in which new-ish resident Carl Adamson said people who complained about Gladstone should get out and enjoy the region.

"There is so much to do if you just go for a drive or go out on the boat," Mr Adamson said.

"It's not the town's fault because they don't go out and do things.

"You have Kroombit Tops, Yeppoon is only two hours away and then there is the reef."

Mr Ansell the Bruce Hwy was an accident waiting to happen, and it had taken too long to start fixing the Kin Kora roundabout.

"Not everybody enjoys fishing, not everybody enjoys 4wds," he wrote.

"In theory shouldn't Gladstone look like Las Vegas? Nope, not even close, because people don't want to spend their good money here.

"Gladstone has become a place to work, not to enjoy. Now that the money is slowly drying up, people are asking these questions."

Paula Robinson said if you weren't an outdoors type, there wasn't anything to do.

"As a woman I find there is nothing to do. It's a man's town," she said.

"Will we ever see the new shops at Kin Kora?"

Laureen Jeffery said she hadn't been bored in Gladstone, but she did agree industry should be putting more back into the town.

On the other side of the argument, Angela O'Dowd said people needed to be realistic.

"We are talking about a small town, not a city of millions of people.

"Multi-billion dollar industries have nothing to with having things like that in a community.

"They are businesses built by investors who aren't going to waste their time and money on building such things in Gladstone.

"Gladstone is a working town but also has plenty to offer if you just put some effort into it."

Liam McMaster said there was "heaps to do if you like going outdoors and even travelling just an hour from your house".

Our 'If I Was Mayor' subject this week says he can't believe how much people complain about having nothing to do in Gladstone. What do you think?

Posted by The Observer on Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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