Max Brenner's 5 requirements before opening Gladstone store

MAX BRENNER has outline five requirements before it opens a Gladstone store. 

While they couldn't give a firm yes or no as to whether they would open a store, they did say, if the site was available they would "consider it very seriously".

And our older brother city Rockhampton has already been treated to a decadently sweet week with the opening of Max Brenner at its biggest shopping centre.

The privately owned business only runs company owned stores, and they have an aim to open five new stores each year.

"It is Max Brenner's vision to create a new chocolate culture worldwide. We believe in taking our unique brand to chocolate lovers everywhere, and that would certainly include Gladstone," Max Brenner general manager, Yael Kaminski said.

He said there was multiple factors that determine their site selection:

1. Feedback from locals who have visited Max Brenner Chocolate Bars and tell us how much they would like to see one open locally.

2. Location is key, of course. We look for an appropriate sized site with potential, preferably a centre that has a significant volume of foot traffic.

3. New developments as well as exiting ones are considered.

4. Commercial terms need to fall within our corporate guidelines and we also take into consideration the population and demographics.

5. Successful site selection is very often the 'Make or Break' factor of a business

What you said online:

Tell us what you think: Does Gladstone need a Max Brenner?

Posted by The Observer on Wednesday, 30 March 2016


Simon Payne: I thought Max Brenner would open in Moura before Rockhampton. Does anything actually happen down in Rockhampton?

Steph Pulman: Morgan Corones I don't think I will be having chocolate thick shake cravings anymore after hockey in rocky...but close =_

Morgan Corones: OMG no way! This could become a big problem

Ash Murchie: Jamie Nicholas... theres one in Rocky. We need to ditch kids and get there ASAP!

Wayne D Wells: No,we need people to support the businesses that are already here.

Marilyn Johnston: Everyone needs a max Brenner

Taylor Marnika: What town doesn't need a max Brenner!!!

Tanya Louise: We don't even have an Ice-creamery now so nope!

Jeannie Meiers: Omg yes will definitely be going to rocky way more often

Steven Cragg: Never heard of such a thing. We USED to have a nice ice creamery

Reedle Birkin: Looks like lots of road trips to rocky over the next few days, I might just stay home

Maxie Lea: Yes Gladstone needs one!

Sherrie N Vinnie: YES. Why is this even a question?!

Julie Kennett: OMG THIS IS AMAZING!!

Jordan Kimberley Briggs: There goes 2016 New Years resolution lol


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