Youngsters take to pistol range with great will to learn

Blake Wells, 14, tries out pistol shooting.
Blake Wells, 14, tries out pistol shooting. Mike Richards

EXTREMELY impressive is the only way to describe the accuracy and ability of kids new to shooting at Gladstone District Pistol Club's SUNfest day on Saturday.

Given the opportunity to try out pistols, air pistols and small rifle shooting, 30 of the regions luckiest 12- to 17-year-olds were given a day they will never remember.

Shooting the firearms from 9am through to a little after 1pm, the kids even had one-on-one help with the sport which takes an ultra-steady hand.

"It is about four hours of shooting; we supply lunch for them as well," pistol club spokeswoman Sue Beutel said.

"It is an excellent sport for one-on-one."

Achieving a number of high scores, even though the results were not recorded, the 30 kids will remember the good shots while admiring the target sheets at home.

While the kids will leave with the memories, the club hopes to possibly add a member or two to its list.

"You don't tend to get too many because you need to go through stages and courses, and it's expensive," Beutel said.

"We usually get at least one join, which leads to seniors spending a lot of time helping them out."

The cost of the sport makes days like the SUNfest opportunity all the more special for the 30 participants.

The group was lent the firearms by the pistol club members who were generous enough to offer their pistols and rifles for the improvement of the sport.

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