Young people have mixed feelings about voting

COREY Earl is 21. He has never voted and he doesn't plan to.

He says the democratic process in Australia is flawed, with decisions made at levels higher than his tick of a box could ever influence.

"I'm not interested in voting," he said.

"In my opinion, politicians are just puppets. The decisions are already made well up the chain.

"I don't believe the people have a say, whether they vote or not."

With only three days left to register, Corey is one of many young people - figures suggest up to 29.4% of Queensland youth - in the state currently not enrolled to vote.

Chris Ibell is a member of the Gladstone youth council and although at 17 is still too young to vote, he believes in Queensland's youth and says disengagement comes down to a lack of knowledge of the political arena.

"I believe it's important for the vote of the youth to be heard because we are the future of Queensland and it is up to the youth to play a part in it," he said.

"(To those who don't vote) I would remind them that without their vote, they won't see the change they want within the state."

And while 20-year-old Mario Wimbus has no idea who he will vote for, you can count on him lining up at the polling booths on January 31.

"I believe voting is important. We need the power to change the government and the policies," he said.

"I wouldn't have a clue who I'm voting for yet though."

Bronwyn Mercer is enrolled to vote but wishes she wasn't.

"I've only enrolled because a member of my family works for the government," she said.

"I don't think my vote is important at the end of the day and I would rather not vote if I had the choice."

Voters will need to register their details before close of business Saturday to be counted.

How to enrol to vote:

  • Online at
  • Pick up a form at any Australia Post or Centrelink service centre and return via post
  • Print off a PDF form, complete and return to the electoral commission via post

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