Young golfer amazed at hole-in-one

IT has to be in the top three most famous sporting feats you can ever achieve and is cause for bragging ever after you pull it off.

The hole-in-one.

You don’t have to be a golfer to appreciate the merits of a hole-in-one and many an amateur and professional go their entire playing lives without getting close, and you join a selective club with a privileged membership.

But for a local lass she’s already chalked one up at the tender, and perhaps enviable, age of 14.

Sam Hooley iced a hole-in-one at the recent Gracemere Junior Open, the amazing effort coming right out of the blue.  

It was the seventh hole, a gentle little par three with the green set back and not visible completely from the tee. Sam hadn’t been enjoying the best of days with the clubs, but this was one of her better shots off the tee.

“I hit it and it looked like it was going towards the green,” Hooley said.

Walking to the hole with her caddy, and father, Rob she asked whether she might at least have good luck on one hole and was hoping the ball had settled in a nice place to play her second shot.

The pair reached the green and the ball was nowhere in sight. So they marched straight to the back and started searching, with Hooley thinking her day was continuing as it had been for six holes prior.

While the hunt for the hidden ball was underway, a mother of competitor decided to check the hole and lo and behold…it took a few seconds for what she’d just pulled off to register before the excitement kicked in.

 “I actually forgot the significance of hitting a hole-in-one,” she said.

“But then I realised what it meant.”

When most seniors would have packed up and hit the clubhouse to start the chest beating, Sam kept playing and found her game rose.

“The day did improve and I started hitting harder and longer,” she said.

On the receiving end of plenty of compliments from fellow golfers and a few senior players, who were keen to know what the secret is of achieving the holy grail of the sport.

Rubbing a bit of salt into the wounds for who have their hearts set on knocking the ball in from the tee, is the fact Hooley only returned to golf a few weeks before the junior open, after taking a couple of years off from the fairways.

“I got back into it so I had something to do on the weekends,” she said. 

So is there a trick to getting such an elusive feat?

“Focus. And don’t get angry too much.”

Do you think you'll get another one?

"I doubt it."

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