YOU SAY: Public NYE event would slow illegal fireworks

AUTHORITIES shouldn't punish New Year's Eve revellers for illegal fireworks when there's so little entertainment in the Gladstone region, most readers say. 

Reports of illegal fireworks came from all over the region, and most commenters on social media blamed the lack of public New Year's Eve fireworks in Gladstone.

Some readers said police should be tougher on those setting off illegal fireworks and flares. 

They complained the fireworks upset their pets, while others were woken by the noise in the early hours of the morning.

A few said it was only a matter of time before someone seriously injures themselves.

Others suggested that some of the Gladstone Harbour Festival's nightly firework shows could be saved until New Year's Eve. 

We asked: do you think it's something police and firies should chase up, or should people be allowed to have a bit of fun?

Here's what you said on Facebook:

Leesa Maree Coughlin: At midnight in Tannum we had fireworks going off all around us, it was awesome.

Toby Russell: Well if gladstone council put something on maybe it might slow down.


David Weir: Is a full week of harbour festival with fireworks every night not enough???

Renee Thurgood Swan: I really think it's going to happen regardless but Gladstone is the saddest place to celebrate NYE with events in parks (that I knew of), no fireworks (only the neighbours illegal ones which if I had've known I would have grabbed my deck chair for the show!), no nothing. All these movies in the park and things I see throughout the year and nothing on the 31st? No wonder people around here are looking into their own activities whether it be illegal or not.

Aimee Eccles: A guy from Tannum actually bought a permit and had fireworks at the main beach for everyone to enjoy.

Alice Salgado: Other places have festivals throughout the year but still manage to put on fireworks for NYE, and Gladstone with all the industries you would think they could put something together.

Darryl Currey: A full week of fireworks at the harbour festival is too much. One or two amazing displays would be better than four or five pissweak ones.... And that's (mostly) paid for by private funds.

Tamara Seiler: Gladstone had zero events for New Year's so people do their own. Rocky did two fireworks shows last night and yet again all we get to see in Gladdy is the backyard ones going off.

Sara Cumming: It's all well and good to have fun, but fireworks should be done in a controlled environment by people that have licences... Not only do firies have to go and put out these fires that are started, but people's properties are put at risk along with the lives of the emergency services that have to attend...

Robyn Vickery: Why not once a year be able to. Love fireworks. And all the people whinging about losing their dogs! Lock them up!!! Happens every year be a responsible pet owner and not the blame on some fun!

Sandra Hill: I don't want to see my rates money go up in smoke. If you want to see a organise event lobby the big industry to sponsor it. As for people letting off fireworks, I thought they were illegal so where do they get them?

Gavin Lassig: Harvey Norman and other locals were sponsors of Bundaberg fireworks, so maybe local businesses could put up the dollars for next year, they make plenty of money from the community.

Steve Felix: I'd much rather see something organised centrally. In UK where you can legally buy fireworks in shops, it became a nuisance (particularly for dog and cat owners) because people would be letting them off randomly for weeks either side of November 5 (Guy Fawkes night). Plus in the hot, dry environment here, there's much more chance of a stray firework causing a fire. If they're all in one place, the firies have a better chance of patrolling the area to spot any problems.

Lyndell Gilson: People whinging about no organised events...perhaps you would like to volunteer your time, away from your own family and friends on New Years Eve, to organise and run that for everyone else.

Lisa-Marie Lewis: People let them off in Clinton area all the time, it gets really annoying and is inconsiderate when its at 1am in the morning on days that are not a special occasion for the community. I don't see a problem with the legalities of people letting them off but seriously people in your area/location should be warned that it is going to happen so actions can be taken with family pets and children.

Kathy Robson: They are ILLEGAL... nothing else really needs to be said. But I will say more... Would those of u that want fireworks let off like to pay vet expenses when a horse goes through a fence due to fright or how about explain to a small child why their beloved dog has run away... Most times these illegal fireworks are let off with no pre-warning or consideration for anyone or anything... they are illegal for a reason they are dangerous... it's all fun and games until someone loses and eye or a finger or a hand or a life.

Chris Rashleigh: Fireworks should be legal, and flares are for distress vessels and should only be used in an emergency.

Coralee Taylor: Make your own fun. Who needs fireworks! Waste of money that could be spent elsewhere and I don't want a hike in rates to cover them. Besides scare all the dogs. Haven't had them here on NYE before, why do some people seem to be so desperate for them now.

Paula Robinson: Too many fireworks at Festival time. Have something for NYE, after all the Council are happy to take from us but won't give anything back.

Ashleigh Jade Wise: For special occasions like New Year's, yep let them have fun to a degree.

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