AUSSIE RULES: Last week, The Observer asked readers to cast a vote to what AFL teams was the better one. 

Yeppoon Swans which have won six AFL Capricornia grand finals from 2006-2019 or the BITS Saints who were victorious five times in the game's biggest day over the same period.

As well documented, the Swans have won the past five flags and look unstoppable.

So, here are the results.

The Observer put out a poll and 75 per cent voted for the Saints as the best with 25 per cent in support for the Swannies.

The same poll was posted on the author's Twitter account and the final result was 67-33 per cent in favour of Yeppoon.

The Swans gained national recognition because of what the team has achieved and what it may achieve in 2020.

My Twitter poll probably reached a bigger audience and to be fair, it's probably a better gauge to what was the outcome.

BELOW: Action from the 2013 grand final between BITS Saints and Glenmore Bulls. It was the Saints' most recent flag.

So what does the future hold?

A possible BITS Saints versus Yeppoon Swans AFL Capricornia round one match at an almost-empty BITS Oval on at this stage is likely to be on July 11.

The Saints have recruited well while the Swans have been running almost every day in "iso".

Sure, the likes of Glenmore Bulls, 2019 runner-up Rockhampton Panthers, last year's bolters Rocky Brothers and Gladstone Suns aim to have a say, but a Saints and Swans grand final showdown would be the perfect scenario.

A Swans win would take the team into footy immortality while the ledger would be fairly squared should the Saints go marching in and claim its sixth flag since 2006.





Struggled to find any information of this final but it was predicted to be a tight game.

Nothing could be further from the truth as the Swans' running game overpowered the Saints.

Yeppoon Swans 18.12 (120) d BITS Saints 6.11 (47)



The dynasty starts.

A rigorous preseason fitness regime proved rewarding as the Swans saved the best to last.

"It was our best game of footy this season. And you can't get better than that, playing your best game in the grand final," victorious Yeppoon coach Mark Wallin said.

Yeppoon Swans 22.15 (147) d BITS Saints 7.5 (47)



Yeppoon Swans announced itself on the cusp of a dynasty with a huge win against Gladstone Mudcrabs.

The seasoned Wes Hawke was awarded the umpires' medal for best afield as he collected his record fourth premiership medal

Yeppoon Swans 16.21.117 d Gladstone Mudcrabs 8.3.51



The mighty Swans made it a hat-trick as Alex Chapman snared six goals as his team booted eight goals in the first quarter to set up the win.

Jamie Garner was best afield.

"It's definitely a great reward and makes all the hard work worth it," Yeppoon coach Mark Wallin said.

Yeppoon Swans 19.14 (128) d BITS Saints 6.3 (39)



"I knew all along that we'd get on top of them in the end," jubilant Yeppoon coach Mark Wallin said after his team claimed a fourth-straight flag.

Leigh Cossens starred with four goals for the undefeated Swans.

Yeppoon Swans 12.15 (87) d Glenmore Bulls 5.6 (36)



It's a five-peat as Yeppoon Swans won it's sixth decider in 11 seasons after thrashing Rockhampton Panthers by 82 points.

Alex Chapman booted seven goals while Matt Wallin and has father and coach Mark covered themselves in glory.

"They'll probably go for a couple of days I'd say," Mark said.

While captain Matt thought that may even be understating things.

"We're not just going to celebrate tonight, it'll be the weekend and some might go longer," Matt said.

Yeppoon Swans 18.11 (119) d Rockhampton Panthers 7.4 (47)








Jake Mostert was best afield in the wet conditions while captain Darren Boase was superb with five goals.

"The ground was a bit heavy, but the boys handled it beautifully,'' Saints coach Al Mostert said.

BITS Saints 10.9 (69) d Rockhampton Brothers Kangaroos 6.5 (41)



Daniel Boase was best-on-ground while Scott Muller booted four goals as the BITS Saints were never headed to beat Rocky Panthers by 33 points.

Ruckman Danny Anderson dominated after coming back from a shoulder injury while Hayden Coleman, Ricky McClure and Alex Totten starred.

BITS Saints 14.7 (91) d Rockhampton Panthers 8.10 (58)



The first of the threepeat was a 50-point win against the Swans. The win somwhat erased the disappointments of 2009-10 when BITS were second to the Swans and Rocky Brothers respectively.

"It's a great feeling knowing that we went through the whole season not losing a single game - a feat which I think has never been done before in the history of the league," Saints captain Nathan Shipard said.

"We stuck to our game plan and came out with a win. It really shows just how good of a side we have. It's just unreal."

BITS Saints 17.13 (115) d Yeppoon Swans 9.11 (65)



BITS Saints went back-to-back after a 17.14 (116) to 7.9 (51) against cross-town rivals Gladstone Mudcrabs.

BITS Saints 17.14 (116) d Gladstone Mudcrabs 7.6 (51)



The most recent BITS A-grade flag.

BITS Saints' Jamie Cunninghame led his team to glory with a best afield effort as the Saints rolled Glenmore Bulls by 42 points.

"BITS continued to be the benchmark side in AFL Capricornia," then BITS president Andrew McMahon said as the Saints completed a threepeat and fifth flag in eight seasons.

BITS Saints 12.7 (79) d Glenmore Bulls 5.7 (37)


GRAND SUCCESS: Action from the 2013 decider between the Saints and Glenmore Bulls.
GRAND SUCCESS: Action from the 2013 decider between the Saints and Glenmore Bulls.



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