Year that was: CQFC Energy kicked out of league

WE look back at some of the big sport stories that made news in 2014.

CENTRAL Queensland junior football players lost the path to professional football in 2014 when the CQFC Energy was removed from the National Premier League, and it is still not clear whether that path will return.

Currently, the highest level of play in the region is the Central Queensland Premier League, following the demise of the Rockhampton-based Energy.  

Football Queensland decided to oust the club and remove their licence due to the team not being able to fill the 108 junior player numbers, and a list of coaches not having credentials which matched up to the required level.  

The strange part of the whole debacle was that only three months before the Energy lost the licence on March 19, Football Queensland had conducted an audit and found no faults.  

"I did a full audit in October to which they provided a number of banks accounts, creditors lists and cash flow forecasts, which I was satisfied with," FQ chief operations officer Ben Mannion said in March.  

The licence being revoked left a number of players from the club looking for new homes, but more importantly, took away the path for juniors.  

It also left the CQ Mariners FC from Gladstone unsure of their future, having been sure they would receive a licence to play in the NPL in 2015.  

"It is the situation that we have always been told 2015. It was stated to myself and Brian Niven," Mariners technical director Joe Fenech said.  

UPDATE: The NPL has not returned, but juniors do have something to look towards.   

The InterCity Challenge is set to take off in 2015, with the Mariners club entering teams from Gladstone and Rockhampton.  

FQ hopes that this will lead to the NPL being re-established in 2016 for central Queensland.

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