CAROLS CALL: Caitlyn Shadbolt will sing the classics at Calliope on Friday.
CAROLS CALL: Caitlyn Shadbolt will sing the classics at Calliope on Friday. Craig Warhurst

X Factor glamour spices up Calliope carols

CAITLYN Shadbolt couldn't pronounce the town of Calliope when she was asked to perform. but she can't wait to sing Christmas Carols to the community.

The top five contestant of X Factor will sing the classics tomorrow night at the Calliope Community Carols event.

Pulse caught up with the busy 19-year-old and found her keen for the road trip to our region.

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"I have tried to go everywhere in Australia, I want to stretch out and I thought Calliope would be a good start," she said.

"I didn't know how to pronounce it and I had never heard of it. I am looking forward to it."

Caitlyn will appear at 8pm and at 8.50pm.

"I am obviously singing Christmas Carols, a few songs from X Factor and a few original songs," she said.

The Gympie girl's X Factor experience has been a blessing as her music career is in full swing.

A member of Ronan Keating's team, she was popular for her versions of songs by Cold Chisel, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.

"X Factor boosted my career so much and I am very grateful for that," she said.

"It's been chaotic (since the show). I have a bunch of shows coming up and recording my single soon."

The Gympie community rallied behind her during X Factor, continuing to congratulate her in the street today.

"The whole town is so supportive," she said. "I pulled up to buy mangoes on the side of the road and they said 'well done'."

Even though music may not be what her mum and dad thought their daughter would seriously consider, it's Caitlyn's passion.

"Mum and Dad sat me down after I graduated and said 'are you going to get a real job?'" she laughed.

"I said no. It's what I want to do. "I tried every different sport under the sun, I was the kid that would trip over the soccer ball.

"Once I realised I could do music I stuck to it."

Caitlyn started singing when she was in primary school.

She joined a rock band and went from there.

She's gained a solid fan base and is one of the most talented country music singers in the industry.

But, can a 19-year-old girl still do the things normal teens do? "I don't get much spare time," Caitlyn said.

"I love shopping, catching up with friends and dinner dates and that kind of thing.

"If I'm not singing I am socialising in some way."

Caitlyn's dream is to make it 'big' in Australia and branch out from there.

"I would love to one day get myself known in Nashville, too," she said.

Caitlyn will bring her boyfriend and guitarist to the Carols for support.

"When he isn't busy I pinch him to come with me. We've been dating for a year and gigging all over the shop," she said.

Calliope Community Carols

  • Calliope Rodeo Grounds, from 4pm
  • Nativity play and choir from 5.45pm
  • 40 stalls, kids activities, Caitlyn Shadbolt from 8pm
  • Funds raised will go towards the Breaky Club

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