CQUniversity peer adviser Bre Knight.
CQUniversity peer adviser Bre Knight. Sarah Barnham

What I'm reading: Peer adviser loves the classics

THIS week we talk to CQUniversity peer adviser Bre Knight to find out what she likes reading.

Name: Bre Knight.

Occupation: Peer adviser at Central Queensland University. Administration at Jobfit.

What are you reading? Managing Organisational Change - it's a textbook for my human resources.

It's interesting - for a textbook. Not something I would read for fun though.

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? No. It's not really something I am interested in reading.

What type of books do you read? Autobiographies - mostly. I major in English so I read a lot of the classics like Jane Austen.

Who is your favourite author? Tim Winton, he is an Australian author. One of his more popular novels is Cloud Street - it's a good one.

Who got you interested in reading? My parents started reading to me when I was at a young age.

So I would say my parents. Plus my mum is crazy about books. She just loves them.

She has rubbed off on me a little.

Hard copy or electronic? Hard copy, it's more authentic, especially if it's in a good condition.

Although for a student like me, electronic is easier and cheaper.

If I really wanted to read a book but the movie came out first I would ... Wait for the book.

I can't read a book after a movie because I don't like how the plot seems to completely change in a movie.

How often do you come to the CQU library? As often as I can. I like studying here it's so peaceful and I can focus better.

Would you pursue a career in writing? For sure, I love reading and writing - it's 'write' up my alley.

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