Wort accused go on trial

TWO men accused of murdering a former Gladstone man appeared in Brisbane’s Supreme Court yesterday.

Allan John Wort, 42, was allegedly assaulted and later found dead on April 4, 2008, after walking through the Centenary Lakes parklands in Caboolture, accompanied by two other men. The trio allegedly became involved in an altercation with three other men.

The two men who appeared in court, cousins Hannaman Hamish Hunt, 21, and Ross Dylan Hunt, 23, were arraigned on the first day of their trial.

Both pleaded not guilty to one count of murder and nine witnesses are expected to be called during the trial, which is expected to run for about seven days.

The court heard the two men bashed an “old fellow” to death then dumped his body in a lake after an argument about alcohol.

The court was told the fight broke out after someone in Mr Wort’s group allegedly made a comment about the Hunts stealing alcohol.

It’s alleged the Hunts first attacked Mr Wort’s son, knocking him out, while the friend ran to find police. The Hunts then knocked Mr Wort to the ground, repeatedly kicking and punching his head.

It’s alleged they then dumped him in a nearby lake, where his son found him lying face down a short time later.

In her opening yesterday to the jury on the first day of the Hunts’ trial, prosecutor Simone Bain said there were no other witnesses to the alleged murder but both accused had admitted to the police that they had bashed Mr Wort, who they described as an “old fellow”.

However she said both claimed they had dragged Mr Wort from the water and made sure he was breathing before running off.

Ms Bain said a pathologist who conducted a post-mortem examination on the body would be called to testify Mr Wort was already dead before being dumped in the lake.

She said the pathologist would give evidence Mr Wort died from compression to the neck area, and not from drowning.

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