What to do if you're worn out by daily grind

FEELING powerless and overwhelmed? In need some kind of attitude makeover - but not sure what?

Work is where the rubber of yoga meets the road of life. Most of us need to work in order to earn a living.

As adults, we spend a big part of our lives working to support ourselves and our families.

Work pressure is not just economic, as society often defines us by the work we do.

Moreover, you may have been brought up to believe that you can achieve anything and that finding work you love is the path to a satisfying life.

However, the state of the economy means that you might be lucky to have a job especially one that meets your needs at all.

The result can be a state of restless dissatisfaction with your working life.

How do you deal with the gap that often exists between what you love and how you make a living?

What do you do when your work is frustrating, overwhelming, uninspiring, underpaid?

Or when you work for a corporation that focuses on the bottom line at the expense of its workers' creativity and their feeling of making a difference?

The yoga tradition offers a great deal of wisdom on this subject.

From a yogic perspective, what matters most is not what work you do, but how you do it.

The yogic teachings on livelihood and vocation offer a blueprint for making your daily work a practice, for getting clear on your values and then bringing an attitude to your work that allows all your actions to reflect and serve those values.

In addition, bringing your attitude in life and work to a state that not only serves you positively but also in your professional and personal lives.

These are practices that give meaning even to frustrating tasks.

More than that, they open a path to freedom that you can follow right down the middle of your daily life.

There are five guiding principles for lining up your actions at work with your yoga practice.

They define what is often called karma yoga, the yoga of action.

Sai Yog is expanding on the physical aspects of yoga, by integrating the neuro system and the other five yoga practices.

Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting the five guided principles (Karma Yoga) for your knowledge (Jnana Yoga)…watch this space and really benefit from these columns that The Observer so humbly shares with yourself and for the community's benefit.

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