World's best extreme enduro rider coming here

THE world's best Extreme Enduro Racing rider, Graham Jarvis, is set to give Gladstone's keenest riders a lesson in the sport, coming to conduct a clinic on November 8, 9 and 10.

From Great Britain, Jarvis has won everything there is to win in the sport, and is ready to teach Gladstone some of his best tricks.

Organised through Just Right Motorcycle Coaching, Jarvis will be doing a thorough lesson on the basics of extreme enduro.

"The coaching is skills-based. We take riders, show them the skills they will be required to learn and master," Just Right Motorcycling Coaching's Jason Rice said.

The sport is an extension of the trials discipline, but requires riders to complete a lot more obstacles, all of extreme nature.

While the students in Gladstone won't be required to tackle the massive challenges Jarvis makes look easy, they will be well on the way to doing so once the British rider has taught them a few simple techniques.

"Starting with the basics, bike control skills such as body positioning, throttle and clutch control and line selection," Rice said.

"Throughout the day, the exercises get harder; by day's end riders will be able to negotiate obstacles they would not have otherwise attempted to ride."

The coaching programs set out for a property at Ambrose are full bar one spot, which is to be won by a lucky customer of Gladstone Motorbike accessories.

Anyone who buys a product from the store will go into the draw on November 7.

But anyone else looking to just see Jarvis' skills can head down to the store on Wednesday, November 12.

The shop demo will allow people to get autographs and see Jarvis ride, a rare occurrence in person.

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