BEGINNING in March, cyclists Kristina Stoney and Nic Arney of World By Cycle will ride over 30,000 kilometres and across six continents with the aim of bringing adventure and excitement into classrooms to inspire and educate young people.

The goal is to create a greater awareness about "the story of stuff", and to use the expedition - and the adventures they have along the way - to get children excited about learning.

"'The story of stuff' is all about creating awareness about the ingredients in products and the impact they have on the environment," says Stoney. "By doing so we hope to encourage our audience - both local and those following via the web - to purchase products which are sustainable and have a minimal impact on our environment."

But it is becoming increasingly harder to engage young people on such topics. This is the other goal of their adventure.

"When children first hear of World By Cycle they are completely amazed. They can't believe anyone could 'cycle the world'. Throw in the ability to follow the tour via web video, blogs, Google maps and social media, and they are hooked. Suddenly it's cool to find out about changes in climate, learning about different governments, cultures and also having a mock passport to be stamped as we progress. It will be their 'race around the world' from their classroom."

The touring party - which will include education and media teams - will pass through Australia, Uzbekistan, China, Central and South American and the Carribbean.

To find out more about the World By Cycle and to pledge your support to help get the team around the world, go to WorldByCycle.mobilise.

Important stops on the World by Cycle tour:

  • In Australia the spotlight will focus on the treatment of people and livestock in supplying wool to leading manufacturers.
  • They will share the story of clothing via interviews with children and families involved in the cotton industry in Uzbekistan, and take an inside-look at bamboo fields and processing plants in China.
  • In Central and South America the emphasis will shift to environmental conservation models in several manufacturing industries.
  • And in the Caribbean the connection between people's purchasing decisions and the wider culture as both relate to climate change.

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