Big dollars lose gloss as workers look for life balance

POTENTIAL Gladstone workers are increasingly asking about work-life balance when applying for a new position - but recruiters say bosses are leaving it to the worker to create a balanced life.

With Gladstone a hotbed of industrial activity, workers are flocking in from all corners of Australia, and are being drawn to the region predominately by the big figures floated in front of their eyes.

Work-life balance a myth peddled by hip psychologists and life coaches

According to Drake International's local team leader Vanessa Aplitt, there has been a shift from prospective employees to ask about work-life balance associated with a particular position.

"Many candidates are focused on earning as much as possible and obtaining the long hours and overtime, yet there are many that may have been doing this for a long time and are now seeking more of the balance of leisure time," Ms Aplitt said.

"Work-life balance is often asked about, particularly by candidates that may have a long history of working away from home for extended periods."

Manpower managing director Lincoln Crawley said employers in Gladstone were missing a trick by not focusing on work-life balance when trying to lure employees, often from interstate and overseas.

"I think we're seeing a small to moderate effort in lifestyle and employers offering a value proposition around that," Mr Crawley said.

"There is some work, but there could be a whole lot more. It's a bit undercooked in my view."

However, Mr Crawley said it was mainly up to the employees themselves to make sure they got their work-balance mix right.

"I think if you're moving to Gladstone for the great outdoors and the work/life balance there, then ensuring that is delivered on is up to each individual to make sure they have time to do that," Mr Crawley said.

"It's about using your time more effectively."

He said employees should be strict about not checking their emails and work phones when they were off-shift.

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