Three-car crash caused by woman who downed vodka shots

CHLOE Byrnes went out with Boyne Island work mates to relax but on her way to work after too much wine the night before she veered onto the wrong side of Kirkwood Road, crashing into two oncoming cars.

Over three times the legal alcohol limit with a reading of .173 her potentially fatal driving caused extensive damage to the vehicles.


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Chloe Byrnes.
Chloe Byrnes. Brenda Strong GLA161012MODL

Byrnes, 25, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to driving under the influence of alcohol at 7.40am on April 28.

Prosecutor Sgt Barry Stevens said Byrnes was the offending driver who travelled across the centre dividing line before colliding with the oncoming vehicles.

"She says she was drinking a bottle of white wine between 5.30pm and 9pm the night before and was driving to a work shift at Tannum Sands," Sgt Stevens said.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said Byrnes had worked four shifts in a row and she and her colleagues decided to have a social drink afterwards.

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Driver taken to hospital after crash on Kirkwood Rd
Driver taken to hospital after crash on Kirkwood Rd

He said this became more than one drink and Byrnes also had four shots of Vodka and was driving in her boyfriend's vehicle when the crash took place.

"She should know better. I have told her it's the quickest way to get to jail," Mr Pepito said.

"There is also a civil case against her. She doesn't own the vehicle. She will have that extra punishment."

Mr Pepito said she would (without a licence) now have difficulty getting to her work shifts at Boyne Island.

"I'm really sorry. I take full responsibility for my act," Byrnes told the court.

"I should know better, yes."

Magistrate Mark Morrow said Byrnes could have been charged by police with a more serious offence.

"The reality is you had a previous (offence) last year and this is a high reading," he said.

"I understand that in your profession you get very stressed in what you do."

He fined Byrnes $1400 and disqualified her from driving for 12 months.

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