Work slowly, eco-friendly and spark joy in your life

NETFLIX viewers have reportedly been going mad over Marie Kondo's Tidying Up series with reports of landfills and charity bins overflowing in the wake of its release.

However, Marie Kondo's KonMari method has actually been popular through promotion on social media after the release of her first book in 2011 - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Between the KonMari method and the Minimalists, along with the zero waste, simple or slow living and eco-friendly movements, there has been many lifestyle change ideas thrown at society in the last decade - all with good intentions for healthy lifestyle for humans and the planet.

Looking at all of these and taking the parts of these lifestyles that suit you and your family is a juggling act, but a worthwhile one.

The one important thing zero waste teaches us is that is the five Rs - refuse (don't take freebies just because they are free), reduce (your waste by using reusable shopping bags and buying only what you need), Reuse (turning unwanted/ discarded clothing into rags or other useful items), Recycle (even by rinsing that glass jar your Vegemite came in, or beetroot, and reusing it to store herbs or spices you can get from That Wholefood Place) and Rot (composting!).

If those who want to incorporate the KonMari method in their homes also kept in mind the five Rs, there would be less overflow in rubbish bins, landfills and charity bins.

None of these lifestyle changes are "overnight" changes. Work slowly, and spark joy into your life.

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