Work Christmas party not the place to get smashed

IF you're thinking about getting smashed at your work Christmas party in the next few weeks, CQUniversity psychologist Dr Talitha Best wants you to take a deep breath and remember that work is work - even at the Christmas party.

"The formalities have dropped, but you are legally still at work," she said.

"That doesn't mean you can't have a lot of fun, it just means you need to think about how you are going to do it and still be professional."

She said knowing beforehand how you want to present yourself and why could be the difference between doing something stupid and making a good impression.

"Eating and drinking as much as you can because the boss is paying will have a very different outcome to using the party to socialise with management so they can get to know you," she said.

"And obviously alcohol has a huge effect on people's behaviour, so know your limits."

Etiquette teacher Kathy Corones agreed.

She said what happened at work would definitely stay at work.

"Wear something appropriate, nothing too sexy, and behave accordingly," she said

She said the last thing you want is to feel embarrassed on Monday morning - or worse.

"One guy I know got so drunk at his Christmas party, he urinated off a balcony onto the heads of people below.

"Clearly that wasn't a good look and, as a senior manager, he got sacked immediately."


  • Enjoy yourself
  • Be professional
  • Develop work relationships
  • Keep hands to yourself
  • Watch what you drink


  • Wear something inappropriate
  • Revisit office politics
  • Whinge and complain about work
  • Get too drunk

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