Woolworths and the other shops in the valley under water.
Woolworths and the other shops in the valley under water. Mike Richards GLA300317FLOOD

WOOLIES OPEN: Business as usual for Valley shops

SHOPS in the Gladstone Valley Shopping Centre have vowed to open today despite devastating flood water which rushed through yesterday.

A spokesperson from Woolworths confirmed last night the supermarket would be open at 8am this morning.

Yesterday afternoon an army of workers could be seen furiously mopping up in the supermarket as the flood water continued to flow through.

Owner of nearby shop Muffin Break, Ankia Kriel was also busy with the clean up at her store in the main plaza. and was looking on the bright side.

Ms Kriel's Muffin Break store was one of many inundated with water when the shopping centre's carpark flooded and spilled over during yesterday's downpour. The water was up around the shop's windowed walls as staff battled to keep it at bay.

Ms Kriel said she was blown away by the response of her staff and the centre's cleaner in responding to the crisis.

"Everyone turned up, my staff with mops and buckets and even friends from Facebook to help clean up,” she said.

"I can't thank centre cleaner Christine enough for the wonderful job she did helping out all the shops.”

Virtually every shop in the Valley's supermarket plaza was affected with water turning the plaza into a lake and pouring out like a river down the the walkway to the toilets.

With a few concerns about electrical items still not working, Ms Kriel also confirmed Muffin Break would be open this morning.

Unfortunately it wasn't such good new for Ms Kriel's car. Yesterday afternoon she was waiting for the tow truck as her car got caught in the flooded car park and wouldn't start.

"We were lucky we were able to get everyone up high quickly when the flood came,” Ms Kriel said.

"I'm just sorry for the some of the shops next door which had cardboard boxes on the floor.”

Smokemart and Gift Shop employee Sue Rayner described the scene as the water rushed up on the shops in a matter of minutes.

"We were closing up because of the storm and I looked over to the side and the water was coming over the gutter,' she said.

"By the time I got towels under the door it was coming in and the shop was flooded. Within two minutes everything was under, the water was about a foot and half deep.”

Ms Rayner estimated the shop would have suffered thousands of dollars in lost stock and damage.

Across the other side of the carpark, the Subway sandwich shop could have opened again yesterday after the flood but the owners decided to wait until today.

Subway reported waist-high water going through the shop yesterday.

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