A Gladstone woman’s crime spree was extensive.
A Gladstone woman’s crime spree was extensive.

Woman said she’d spit on police with her ‘hepatitis spit’

A GLADSTONE woman who’s crime spree ranged from threatening to spit on police with her “hepatitis spit” to a racist tirade against her neighbour, has been given a suspended sentence.

Krystal Maree Short, appearing by video link from the Southern Queensland Correctional Centre, pleaded guilty to nine charges in Gladstone Magistrates Court on November 13.

The charges included possessing a knife, possessing drugs, driving without due care, unlicensed driving, public nuisance, wilful damage and obstructing police.

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The 35-year-old’s offending began on May 23, at 1.15am, when police saw Short driving an Alfa Romeo onto John Dory Dr, Toolooa, at speed.

She was intercepted on Drummer St where she said she was having “lady issues.”

Short was questioned about her passenger, who she said she had not known long.

The passenger said she recently met Short and was vague about what they were doing.

Police located a knife in Short’s bag which she said belonged to her late brother and she kept it to have a piece of him wherever she went.

Short was involved with police again on July 15, when she crashed the Alpha Romeo at the South Kolan River Bridge in Kolonga.

At the time she did not hold a driver’s licence.

Short said she didn’t recall the crash but felt tired prior and felt like she had dozed or become dazed.

Five days later on July 20, police were called to Drummer St to assist a Gladstone council worker with another matter.

During the incident Short had called the worker a “fat f---” and said she would “find out where the c--- lives” as she was going to hurt him.

Short paced around her yard and walked to a fence shared with a neighbour.

She became aggressive and yelled “I’m gonna f---ing kill, I’m gonna f---ing kill” and called her neighbour a “filthy Asian c--” and said she was going to call immigration on her.

She was found with a small kitchen knife in her left hand and continued to yell and scream at her neighbours.

She complied when asked to put the knife down but yelled at police to “f--- off” a number of times.

Short then lashed out violently and swung both her arms towards police which hindered attempts to calm the situation.

She threw herself towards police and was transitioned to the ground and handcuffed.

She called the police “f---ing pigs” and yelled “you lucky I don’t spit on you with my hepatitis spit”.

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While in the police car, she kicked out which caused the rear panel of the door to crack and spat on the inside of the window multiple times.

But Short’s troubles didn’t end there.

During a search warrant, police found a bowl with a marijuana and a plastic water pipe.

The court was told Short was on a suspended sentence and probation at the time of the offending.

Defence lawyer Brandon Selic said his client had not wasted her time in custody and had participated in a certificate II in vocational pathways, a yarn circle and attending bible studies.

He asked the court to consider a plea had been indicated at an early stage.

Short was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment, immediately suspended for 12 months, to run concurrently with time presently being served.

She was also disqualified from driving for three months and her probation order was revoked.

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