Wish list: Gladstone region residents have say on budget

WITH the delivery of Gladstone Regional Council’s Operational Plan and Budget set for tomorrow, residents had a mixture of requests on their wishlist.

Chris Laing, 24 said he wanted to see more investment outside of the non-industry sectors.

“Making the waterfront area at the marina a bit nicer, it is nice down there and I reckon the council should do something with that,” Mr Laing said.

Kylie Lawn, 44 wonders why the rates are as high as they are.

“Is there some sort of way they are going overboard with the parks care?” Ms Lawn said.

“I know they were cutting that back a little while ago, but is there ways that they can cut back on non-essential things to help lower the rates.

“I think that is what you hear from most people around the town, is about how we have some of the highest rates in Australia here.

“Where exactly are they spending the money? I do not even know.”

Libby Stanborough, 58, wants to see more sports venues in the Gladstone region.

“Mainly for the kids and for us, my family are all pool players,” she said.

“I would love to see more indoor recreational sporting facilities in the town.”

John Murray, 70 said he would like to see bigger discounts on rates for pensioners.

“I think we are paying too much for them,” Mr Murray said.

“I mean the rate prices are okay while you are working full-time but now I am a pensioner it is a lot of money.

“They didn’t drop the rates but we are getting a separate bill for water and it was all combined at one time, I am paying $4000-$5000 just to live in my house.”

Jim Melling, 71, was also concerned about the way pensioners and retirees will fare in the latest council budget.

“Self-funded retirees should get some benefit too,” Mr Melling said.

Peggy Wood, 63, said she would like to see more to do outside of Gladstone itself.

“I would like to see them do something out in the areas of Boyne-Tannum, Agnes because they do not seem to do much out there full stop,” Ms Wood said.

The 2020/21 Operational Plan and Budget will be unveiled by Mayor Matt Burnett tomorrow from 9am at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre.

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