Win $1000 of fuel and never run out again

WE'RE giving away a $1000 fuel card to one lucky winner.

To highlight how useful that would be, we asked our Facebook friends if they have ever run out of fuel.

Here are some of their responses:

Andi Pratt: Yep, ran out of fuel, just past roundabout to boyne, 200 dollars to be towed, 180 for a diagnostic test, found out I ran out of fuel, 380 dollars later, still no fuel! Embarrassing much?

Rachel McGovern: Ran out of fuel when I was 18 on the first day of my new admin job.

Not the usual admin job, it was a manufacturing job that had a few super hot workers there.

Yep, they had to go get fuel for me and saw the whole thing. Was so embarrassed. Face was as red as my car.

Sad thing is I did it twice. Good old apprentice wages.

Lynda Gibbins: Many years ago I went to the movies and watched the movie The Exorcist, then ran out of petrol on the way home to Boyne.

I had to wait with the car. Never been so scared.

Caroline Neill:  I have been driving for 35 years, travelling all over Queensland in that time and have never run out of fuel and don't plan to either (touch wood).

I am very paranoid about running out of fuel and when the needle gets down to 1/4 of a tank left, I go put some more in, even if it is only $5 or $10 to see me thru.

Sherri Lea: Coasted into Bilo once on fumes alone, watching that fuel light the whole way and wondering if it would stop on the range.

Stewart Smith: Yep, on Friday, 300m from the servo.

Lorrae Briscoe: When I had just moved out of home I ran out of fuel in the Sun Valley area.

My awesome sister and her husband helped me out by fueling my car up for me and lending me money to get me by.

That was going back eight years or so ago.

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WIN! We are giving away $1000 worth of fuel! For your chance to win this $1000 fuel card, enter here: And tell us, have you ever run out of fuel?

Posted by The Observer on Sunday, June 7, 2015

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