‘Wild child' littered cell

A WILD child who climbed through a police car's window and tried to escape, then littered a cell with toilet paper in the lock-up appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday.

Rhiannon Nicole Barter, 18, pleaded guilty to one count of assaulting or obstructing police and public nuisance.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mick O'Rourke said police were called to an out-of-hand party on Saturday, September 11, where 300 youths, many heavily intoxicated, were gathered.

The owner of the residence asked police to get rid of all the people, and they began moving the partygoers on through the estate.

The defendant, who was drinking from a juice bottle which contained alcohol, was asked to tip out the contents by police.

Barter, a Year 12 student, took a mouthful before pouring out the alcohol, and some of the liquid spilt onto the shoes of officers.

She was then given a ticket and reacted angrily.

“She was aggressive, screwed up the ticket and walked away,” Sgt O'Rourke said.

Barter called out an offensive name, and was then escorted to the police car.

“She then managed to climb out the window of the car and ran off,” Sgt O'Rourke said.

Officers chased her and restrained her before she was taken away in a police pod.

While travelling to the watchhouse, the feisty Barter continued to kick at the vehicle.

Taken to the lock-up, Barter, scattered toilet paper around the cell, continuing to rant and rave at police.

Duty lawyer Brad Krebs said his client, who had been invited to the party, could recall parts of events.

Magistrate Damian Carroll told the defendant she needed to look at how she reacted when she'd had a lot to drink.

“Are you ashamed of yourself?” he asked the defendant.

“Yes,” replied Barter.

Mr Carroll then asked the defendant if she'd apologised to police, to which she replied she had on being let out from the watchhouse.

No conviction was recorded and Barter was ordered to do 50 hours community service.

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