Keppel Creek at Curtis Island.
Keppel Creek at Curtis Island. Darryl Branthwaite

'Wild adventures': Revealing Gladstone island's hidden treasures

THE Gladstone island that has made headlines around the world has managed to keep some of its lovely treasures a secret.

Curtis Island is home to the east coast's three monster liquefied natural gas plants, but its the area's tourism treasures that a Gladstone man is ready to scream and shout about.

Determined to take our hidden treasure to the masses, Darryl Branthwaite is ready to promote the "wild adventures" that Curtis Island has to offer.

Mr Branthwaite, Gladstone Area Promotion Development Limited's chief executive, said what Curtis Island has to offer isn't appreciated enough.

He said works are under way to make more four wheel driving and mountain bike riding tracks.

From the lighthouse walks to the pristine creeks, Mr Branthwaite wants the region, state and the nation to know about the other side of Curtis Island.

"We're looking at developing and promoting the wild adventures you can have over there," he said.

"It's an amazing place, it's so diverse.

"It has an amazing marine plane to the north, that's up there with the likes of Kakadu but without the crocodiles."

Recently a parcel of beachfront land at the northern end of the island sold for $50,000.

It was a rare opportunity to buy a block on the northern end because the majority of it is owned by a Dutch company.

"The bottom quarter of it is National Parks and Wildlife land and they've been developing new 4WD tracks and lined up around 120km of mountain bike tracks," he said.

Also on the list of additions to Curtis Island is a boat ramp at Graham's Creek to make it easier to access.

Ferry services run to Curtis Island five days a week. If GAPDL taps into the market right, it could see Curtis Island as a key destination in the southern Great Barrier Reef.

Last year the SGBR lured in two million domestic overnight visitors and 142,000 overseas holidaymakers.

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