Gladstone tradie's tantrum phone after wife's Snapchat find

A TRADIE roughly woken from his snooze by an angry wife after she discovered Snapchats with other women on his mobile phone, reacted by smashing his own phone then snapped hers in half.

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The row worsened when she tried to leave and he used his fist to smash the windscreen of her car.

Vowing to now stay off Snapchat, the man, 25, pleaded guilty to two counts of causing wilful damage (domestic violence related) and told Gladstone Magistrates Court he wanted to repair the relationship and get back together.

Lawyer Jun Pepito said the man had to go to Brisbane to work and had only just returned home to Gladstone when his wife woke him accusing him of infidelity.

"She found something on his phone," Mr Pepito said.

Magistrate Mark Morrow asked the tradie what she found.

"A Snapchat App," he said.

"You send pics to one another and they delete in a few seconds."

"So, she wasn't really happy with the Snapchat photos?," enquired Mr Morrow.

"It's just an App," the man said.

"You get to invite other people. She couldn't see nothing.

"She just assumed because I've accepted friends from other sheilas in Brisbane that I was up to no good."


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Mr Morrow asked how something like that then got so out of hand?

The man said she woke him up and the drama's happened.

"I grabbed my phone and smashed it, grabbed her phone and broke it," he said.

"She jumped in the car and I said no you don't, you can walk."

The man said he snapped her mobile phone in half out of anger.

"I was frustrated. I had to move to Brisbane for work and came back for Easter," he said.

"Soon as I came back she was jumping down my throat.

"I'm not really seeing her now mate, sorry mate."

"I want it (relationship) to continue your honour.

"I'll just stay away from Snapchat."

Mr Morrow sentenced the man to 12 months of supervised probation, saying he should get some counselling.

"And you can buy her a new phone since you snapped it in half," Mr Morrow said.

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