Why we can't name and shame all child sex offenders

NAME and shame!

It's the most common feedback we get from readers expressing their frustration when the identity of people appearing in court on child sex charges is withheld.

When we do name accused and convicted offenders, the public can be left wondering why we haven't done the same with recent high profile cases, particularly where a well-known Maryborough man was convicted of bestiality and other depraved offences.

This decision is not up to Chronicle reporters and does not reflect any bias or beliefs about whether someone is guilty or not.

All members of the media are legally bound not to identify offenders if doing so identifies a child victim.

As the majority of victims in Australia sadly know their abusers, offenders are rarely named.

I am an advocate for victims, even while they are still under age and their families having the choice to forego their right to privacy if they want their abusers exposed - something which is not currently an option in Queensland.

If you believe these laws need to change we strongly encourage you to write not only to us but also your local MP and the Queensland Attorney General at redcliffe@parliament.qld.gov.au.


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