Who's hottest in Hollywood?

PEOPLE are sick of seeing the photograph of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in his Speedos. Bring back Daniel Craig's scene in Casino Royale.

However, Craig is not even the ultimate favourite among Gladstone ladies, with Video Ezy assistant manager Angela Moore saying movies with Gerard Butler, John Travolta and Matthew McConaughey the most sought-after rentals at the moment.

“He's (Travolta) an oldie but a hottie,” she said.

While it is expected in an office where the ages range, the responses to “who is Hollywood's most dashing man” from some female employers at The Observer were surprising.

Listed by some of the younger staffers were classics such Larry Hagman (Captain/Major Anthony ‘Tony' Nelson in I Dream Of Jeannie), George Clooney, Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Sean Connery, Steven Seagal, Pierce Brosnan and Clark Gable.

The predictable names put on the list included Brad Pitt, Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Craig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Heath Ledger and Hugh Jackman.

While most picked were selected for their ooze factor, some were picked for the charisma, acting skills and/or ability to make a girl laugh.

Ms Moore said they didn't necessarily get people in asking for movies starring certain people, but there were people who had commented that they were only renting a movie because a favourite actor of theirs was in it.

“We do have the Gerard Butler fans,” she said. “His movies are top rentals. I've heard ladies say they are ‘renting it because he's in it'.

“Matthew McConaughey rents quite well.”

Ms Moore said Matt Damon was also quite popular at the moment with new releases.

She said Arnold Schwarzenegger movies were also quite popular, but mainly for the action rather than the hottie factor.

Classic male actors missing from the ‘dashing list' include Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington, Keaunu Reeves, Roger Moore, Colin Firth and Jean Claude van Damme.

Not that these actors aren't seen by women across the globe as being hot, only that those Gladstone women surveyed didn't rate them high enough for their liking. Also missing is rebound actor Robert Downey Jnr whose popularity has had a spiking rise after starring in Iron Man.

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