Tim Rogers, of You Am I, has released a memoir called Detours.
Tim Rogers, of You Am I, has released a memoir called Detours. Luke Henery

Who I am: Tim Rogers on his relationships

TIM Rogers is riding to work. The wind thumps and clatters down the phone and he willingly stops to continue the interview.

Softly spoken and obliging, Rogers the interviewee is at odds with his behemoth onstage personality as You Am I frontman and guitarist.

In a music and writing career spanning nearly three decades, it is his longest-lasting band that makes him most pleased.

"I'm proud of our band to tell you the truth and our friendships," Rogers, 47, says.

"It's not always harmonious but I'm oddly proud of that. I like a bunch of the songs that I've written, but I am naturally proud of the band."

You Am I formed in the late 1980s in Sydney and released their debut album, Sound as Ever, in 1993.

The band still tours, and will play the Eatons Hill Hotel tonight in Brisbane.

Rogers has also branched out on his own as a solo artist and played with other groups.

And he released his memoir, Detours, yesterday.

Rogers wrote it at the repeated request of his publicist.

He says that writing the memoir was a less fun task than writing songs.

"It took quite a while to recover from it almost," Rogers says.

It examines many of his relationships including the one with his father, a man Tim says in the book he aims to please.

He also writes about his girlfriend who he calls The Hurricane.

The book is a soul-baring and stripped back account of his upbringing, his love of sport and music, and his complex relationship with people.

Rogers' use of simile and imagery is surprisingly adept considering it is his first attempt at a longer tome.

"You do have to get yourself into a certain state of mind," he says of the writing process.

"At times it does feel like, to write in the way of literature or poetically it seems as far away as true happiness, really."

Rogers says he often finds himself inspired to write in odd places, which is partly due to the nature of his work making music and because he also likes to get lost.

"Music does affect people very oddly, both in wonderful ways and terrible ways," he says.

"You see the best and very worst of people in very quick succession.

"There's also lots of scraps of papers, lots of beer coasters. I do try to remember to carry a book with me - one to read and one to write in - but again it could be six in the morning and you could be on someone's floor, and good things hit."

Detours by Tim Rogers, RRP $35, is out now through the 4th Estate.

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