Paulette Flint is looking forward to helping people trace their family history.
Paulette Flint is looking forward to helping people trace their family history. Matt Taylor GLA130319TREE

Who do you think you are? This event will help you find out

AN UPCOMING workshop is inviting community members to go back to their roots.

This year's Genealogical Society Gladstone District's annual beginners workshop will equip participants with the tools needed to research their family tree.

Coordinator Paulette Flint said most people could only trace as far back as their grandparents.

"It's just purely for people to come along and learn the basic steps to starting a family tree, because everybody's got a family and there's a tree behind all of them," Ms Flint said.

"One of the steps is being organised, that's a really important thing to do right from the start.

"It's about making notes in a proper notebook, not on the back of an envelope ... and having a little address book with websites and things and keeping your notes in proper form."

Ms Flint said the process of tracing one's roots was an ongoing one made easier by pedigree charts.

"You start with yourself and work backwards from there and most people know up to their grandparents so then I talk to them about the steps to get further," she said.

"I've been doing it since 1992 but you never really finish do you?

"There's always something else to find out."

Ms Flint said attendees may only be interested in tracing as far back as when their family migrated to Australia.

She said teachings would be transferable to other countries.

"The websites obviously aren't the same but the process is the same," Ms Flint said.

"Because every country has birthdays and marriages, every country has newspapers, every country has cemeteries and that's how you find it."

The annual beginners workshop will be held on Saturday at the Genealogical Society Gladstone District's office in the George Young Building on Francis Ward Drive.

Registrations open 1.30pm and entry is $10 for non-members and $5 for members.

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