Jayden Wesley Pettitt appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday.
Jayden Wesley Pettitt appeared in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Thursday. Facebook

'WHITE DOGS': Prosecutor slams reverse racism in cop attack

IF a racist slur hurled at a police officer by an indigenous teenager, had been said in reverse, that officer would have been sacked.

This was the argument from the police prosecutor when describing how Jayden Wesley Pettitt launched into a tirade before punching an officer in the chest.

The 18-year-old however walked away from Hervey Bay Magistrates Court with a $700 fine and no conviction recorded.

He pleaded guilty to three charges including public nuisance, assault police and breaching bail yesterday.

Police prosecutor sergeant Michael Ruddiman said police found Pettitt arguing with a female in the carpark of the Beach House Hotel in Hervey Bay about 2am on August 17, 2019.

The court heard when the woman asked Pettitt to get out of the way as she was trying to go home, the defendant started swearing at her and police stepped in.

"As the defendant was leaving the car park he was yelling out calling police 'white dog c----', 'f*** you you dog c----'. The defendant was given a warning and not deterred and continued calling police 'white dog c---'," Sgt Ruddiman said.

As police tried to arrest Pettitt, he punched one of the officers in the chest.

On September 7 2019 Pettit was found in the Torquay Hotel which breached his bail conditions.

"Using racist terms towards any person in this day and age, considering the level of education and the amount of public discussions on racial abuse in the community, is abhorrent," Sgt Ruddiman said.

"A person carrying out their duty or their office is not by virtue of that a target for people, nor should they be subject to that level of abuse.

"If a police officer called a person of the indigenous community a 'black c---' or 'fuck off you black dog' he would be looking for another job, and quite rightly."

Solicitor Michael Riedel said his client was 'sorry for his actions' and had no criminal history.

"He had been in a licenced premises, he was heavily intoxicated and his recollection of what occurred was quite poor."

Mr Riedel said the woman Pettitt was arguing with was a friend and he wanted to get a shirt he had left in her car.

"When he was arrested, he instructs me he was thrown onto the ground with such force that his lip was split causing bleeding," he said.

"He has been punished to some extent by having his lip split open."

Mr Riedel said when he breached his bail condition, Pettitt saw his brother inside the Torquay Hotel and went inside "momentarily" to get money off him for a cab home.

"He instructs he has not consumed alcohol since that last incident which also goes to show his remorse," he said.

Mr Guttride took into Pettitt's lack of criminal history and his early pleas when sentencing him to one $700 fine for all three offences.

No convictions were recorded.

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