Where’s our sense of solidarity as women?

I AM often astounded by the behaviour of some women toward others.

Instead of a sense of solidarity, of mutual respect and regard in the face of the daily juggle and grind, all too often we are met with barbs and scathing judgement.

I am blessed with a group of wonderful supportive friends. We are each others' most vocal cheer squads, and we are a voice of reason when the time calls.

But there are others: nasty, insidious and destructive women who, well, make the good ones seem like angels.

For years we have fought hard, not to have it all, but to at least have the choice.

On the work front, at home with the family, within the community - we are up against all kinds of challenges, not the least of which is guilt.

Relationships, motherhood, career ... All bloody hard work.

But as if that's not enough, those with little to do (and even less to offer) see fit to erode, corrode and generally cause mischief.

They love drama. They are seemingly incapable of being happy, and content is just not a word in their vocabulary.

Nor compassion, nor empathy, nor kindness. Or so it would seem.

They are the disenchanted mother, frustrated not to have done more with her life, who has made school-run bitching into an art form.

The burnt-out executive hell bent on making the life of the up and comers sheer misery.

The ill-balanced ex-girlfriend who won't get the hint she's no longer wanted and graciously bugger off.

The frenemy eager to see you fail but eager to be there to watch ... The list goes on.

If this is you, then please, PLEASE sort yourself out.

Isn't life hard enough, aren't the challenges great enough, without this as well?

None of us are perfect ... God knows!

But with a wee bit of empathy and even a little emotional intelligence, most of us are equipped to back away slowly and know when we are face to face with someone in the depths of the kind of self loathing, whereby their only move is to bring down those around them.

Their words and their actions hurt and anger. But don't judge. Instead, pity their pathetic lot.

These poor wretched souls know not what they do.

At least, that's the hope.

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