Hayley Vernon MAFS Married At First Sight 2020. Picture: Channel 9
Hayley Vernon MAFS Married At First Sight 2020. Picture: Channel 9

Where to find the MAFS cast on Instagram

We're days away from the inevitable wine-fuelled dinner party drama of MAFS season 7.

And this week, the full cast of brides and grooms - as well as everything they're looking for out of the experiment - has been released by Channel 9.

It comes after an emotional "first look" promo released by the network in November showed a mix of male and female contestants nervously approaching a "tunnel of love" (not a euphemism), prompting early reports that this year's series could be even more controversial than last.

We simply cannot wait.

With the exception of 2019's Elizabeth Sobinoff, here are the fresh MAFS faces and what they're all about.

Plus, of course, where you can stalk them all on Instagram in the lead-up to the premiere on February 3.

First-up, the ladies:


You'll probably recognise Poppy from the promo in which she says: "I've got two-year-old twins and when they were six weeks old, my husband had a terrible accident … He tripped and fell into his co-worker's vagina and he's still stuck there!"



Her participant bio reads:

Mother of two-year-old twin boys, Poppy has endured her fair share of heart-crushing disappointment when it comes to love. Her ex-husband left her for another woman when the twins were just six weeks old. To add insult to injury, they now live in the area, and Poppy

regularly runs into them while doing her groceries.

Self-deprecating, loud and funny, Poppy often uses comedy to hide her pain. She calls a spade a spade and makes no apologies for speaking her mind.

Her number one priority are her sons, which has brought her to the experiment. She's not here to find just her soulmate but a good and dependable man to be a role model to her boys.



Natasha's type is older men, but after her engagement to a 50-year-old fizzled, she wants to break bad habits to find her soulmate.


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Some kind of feeling ✨

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Here's the full lowdown on Natasha:

Natasha is an outspoken and bold businesswoman who admits she speaks before she thinks - a habit which often lands her in hot water.

Natasha has always dated men who are significantly older than her - including a fiance aged 50 - because she is attracted to their success and power.

But all they see is her good looks and vibrant personality, so she winds up feeling like a trophy on their arm rather than the intelligent, accomplished woman she is.

Determined to break the cycle, Natasha is looking for a good man who will treat her as his equal and nourish her with love.



Stacey is a lawyer, a single mum and "an overachiever with a grounded family life", according to early descriptions of the bride.


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Don’t let them steal your shine ☀️

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Here's what her MAFS write-up tells us:

Stacey is the epitome of beauty with brains, an intimidating package for any potential suitor - in her words, "Heaven forbid you're smart and look like this."

Aged 25, she has two kids and a broken engagement behind her - all part of the baggage she blames for her inability to find a partner who can handle her.

Self-protective, straight shooting and high maintenance, Stacey is unapologetic about the lofty expectations she has of any future partner.

Stacey has dealt with tragedy: Her father died when she was a baby, and her brother died in a

motorbike accident four years ago. As a result, she is scared to let someone in and has learned to protect herself by keeping partners at arm's length.

She's now ready to let her walls down and give herself a chance at love.



"Why can't I meet a guy that actually likes me?" she asks relationship guru John Aiken in the promo. He then asks, "How many guys are we talking about that have cheated on you?"

"Seven. And I've only dated eight," Mishel reveals.



Here's what her official bio says:

Eccentric and young in spirit, 48-year-old Mishel has no filter and says exactly what's on her mind.

A mother of two grown kids aged 18 and 20, Mishel reckons she is often the one being parented by her offspring.

After marrying at the age of 20, Mishel has since suffered her fair share of heartache, including her divorce 15 years ago thanks to her husband's philandering ways.

She continues to share details of her dating disasters freely and admits she has been cheated on in seven of her past eight relationships.

Mishel finds the dating landscape more and more difficult to navigate, especially with men her age only wanting to date younger women.

She hopes the experiment will put an end to her constant quest to find a man who embraces her quirks and loves her wholly just as she is.



"After a while you just kind of think, 'What's wrong with me if every single person that I meet doesn't want a bar of me? What am I doing wrong?'" the 27-year-old says in a MAFS promo, admitting that she's lonely.

"I don't think I'm ugly, but I don't think there's anything striking about me."


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BTS w/ @bocajbeauty

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Desperately lonely and uncomfortable in her own skin, Connie is an aspiring marine biologist who has been single for five years.

As a self-confessed introvert, she does most things alone and focuses on studying to avoid the discomfort of feeling "invisible" in the world.

Connie is incredibly awkward around the opposite sex and feels constantly rejected to the point where she is asking, "What's wrong with me?"

Her mother is vehemently against Connie's wishes to be part of the MAFS experiment, but Connie is so determined to end her loneliness she will embark on it with or without her family's blessing.



"We all have flaws and insecurities but that's what makes us a different type of perfect. Be happy with who you are," the reality TV hopeful once said on her YouTube channel.

Word on the street is she also once dated MAFS alum Bronson Norrish - who was paired with fiery contestant Ines Basic last year.


Here's what her bio says:

"Having suffered from crippling, aggressive acne throughout her teens, Vanessa was badly bullied at school and still wears the scars both inside and out.

"To this day, Vanessa still sees herself as that acne-prone teenager and suffers with incredibly low self-esteem. She struggles to love the person looking back in her reflection and refuses to believe a man could possibly be attracted to her.

"Insecure with relationships, Vanessa shields herself from hurt by rejecting men before they

reject her. But she desperately craves love and hopes the experts can find her someone who will look beyond her scars.



Tash is one half of Married At First Sight's first same-sex couple and identifies as sexually fluid.

"If I don't romanticise everything I do I'll die," she tells her Instagram followers.



In her official profile, Channel 9 writes:

Tash was an awkward, overweight teenager who was bullied for her looks. Now a far cry from the blonde curly-haired size 16 kid she once was, she sometimes forgets that her look has changed so much.

These days, Tash's dark hair, striking tattoos and lean physique intimidates people, meaning she has to work hard to win anyone over.

The vegan bartender and yoga teacher hopes the person waiting for her at the end of the aisle is affectionate but also able to express their emotions verbally because, as she says, "My love

language is words of affirmation."



In the promo, Amanda is in tears as some of her loved ones refuse to show up for the show's first same-sex wedding.


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2019 Recap!! - - I’ve defiantly had a challenging 5 years but this year felt like the final shedding of life as I know it. - - I broke up with the one girl I thought I’d marry in pursuit of something far better, to find someone who mirrored my world and together we could dominate life at the same level. - - It Takes massive balls to walk away from someone you love and a lot of courage (while fear is still very present) to realise your worth! - - My immediate Family were a major let down for me this year, as I got even closer with my friends and realised yet again, your real family don’t need to be blood related at all!! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻 - - I met new friends, got even closer to my long term friends, and formed alliances with friends I didn’t see coming 💖💖 - - Major business and life renovations are on the way for 2020. - - I relocated my business to the west in October in a brand new gym which is PT suicide when you have financial responsibility and not relying on your parents. - - Thankfully the gym has been incredibly supportive and amazing to work alongside, but I’ve still had to work 3 jobs while the business has grown very slowly to make ends meet, not knowing some weeks if I’d have enough money to pay my rent. - - After 3 solid years in business, emotionally this is a frustrating and scary place to be. - - I’ve had amazing friends and some family show amazing support this entire year knowing what lies ahead, and I couldn’t have kept so positive without everyone’s love. - - 2019 you were by far the best and worst year for me to date. - - I’m gonna grab a cricket bat and knock you to next Tuesday at midnight, and 2020, will be the year that everyone will remember for the ages 🦋💖🙏 - - Last of all Smokey got fatter and more beautiful than ever 😂💖🐾🐾 - -

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Her official description is as follows:

Intense and passionate, alpha-female Amanda suffers no fools. She's here to find the woman she can share her dreams and aspirations with, for life.

Despite her tough-girl exterior, Amanda is a softie at heart who desperately wants to meet a woman to love deeply and have that love completely reciprocated in return.

Coming from a European family, her sexuality has not always been accepted, and she has also

struggled to meet anyone who is prepared to fully commit to her.

Amanda is now ready to find her soulmate - someone who is proud to stand by her

side and love her unconditionally.

To stalk Amanda on social media, you can start here @divinephysiquescoaching



"Extra AF. Hilarious. Realest." is how she introduces herself on Instagram.


Here's her MAFS description:

Trust is a huge issue for 26-year-old Cathy. Two of her past relationships have ended with her partner cheating on her, meaning Cathy has developed a thick skin and impenetrable walls when it comes to love.

With exotic looks due to her Welsh and Thai heritage, Kiwi-born Cathy originally moved away from her homeland of New Zealand for love.

Although that relationship ended because of his infidelity, she has custom-built a "family" of friends in Sydney and has no plans to move back to NZ.

While she may look glamorous, Cathy is down-to- earth and friendly and can knock back beers with the boys just as easily as applying make-up.

Ready to restore her faith in love, Cathy hopes to find a loyal and faithful partner who will allow her to let down her guard once and for all.

For memes, selfies and a healthy dose of bikini snaps, head to @summertanx



According to Daily Mail, Hayley will be bringing the drama to the infamous MAFS dinner parties. This year's Jessika Power, perhaps?


Her official MAFS bio tells us she's had a tricky past:

Hayley is a gutsy, straight-talking force to be reckoned with who needs a non-judgmental man with a backbone to challenge her.

As a drug addict for almost 10 years from the age of 16, Hayley has been through a tougher life than many, but health and fitness pulled her out of the darkness, and she has never looked back. Hayley now trains religiously and at 5'9" (175 centimetres) with bigger muscles than most of the men she meets, they can be intimidated by her physique.

Naturally her past has had a huge impact on her life and relationships, including those with her family.

But underneath the upfront facade is a vulnerable woman who just wants to be loved by someone who accepts her - past and all.



A real estate agent and singing teacher, Aleks is no stranger to reality TV.

She appeared on another dating show, Take Me Out. At the time, she said she had no time for gym junkies.


Here's what else we know about her:

Aleksandra's strict Serbian parents are still confused as to why she is not married with four children already.

In "Serbian years", Aleks says she's 100 now and ready to be left on the shelf, so it's time to take drastic measures - in an experiment that her parents completely disagree with too.

Living in Perth, Aleks says the dating pool is too small and every potential suitor is either taken or off limits.

And making it all the more difficult to find Mr Right, Aleks' standards in a relationship are

high and uncompromising.

Driven, fiery and outspoken, Aleks knows exactly what she wants: He's tall, dark and handsome with a good sense of style, straight white teeth and a cute smile.

She's ready to get married and settle into the life she's always imagined, even if the beginning is a little unconventional.


And the blokes:



The barber from inner-city Melbourne once dated 2018 MasterChef Australia winner Diana Chan.


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Love this place...💈💈💈

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Here's what his bio says:

Steve realises it's finally time to accept that dating younger women isn't working out for him.

A survivor, Steve was diagnosed with testicular cancer eight years ago, and his ex-girlfriend nursed him through it. Although their relationship didn't last, it is this level of compassion and commitment he hopes to find this time around - as long as it's with a woman who is closer to his age.

An expat, Steve migrated from the UK to Australia 18 years ago and has a son in his 30s still living in England.

Steve owns a barber shop in Melbourne and has everything else in his life sorted out - but it's his constant fear of spending the rest of his life alone that has him finally making a change.



Mikey considers himself a bit of a high roller.

Proud of his private school education, Mikey's keen to splash his cash on the woman of his dreams.

Cheeky and charming, Mikey is a private school boy from Sydney's leafy north shore.

Although Mikey has always enjoyed the spoils of an affluent upbringing, he is genuine and open-minded with a solid work ethic. He recently stepped up to help run the family business: a nursing home that his grandfather founded.

With good looks and a quick wit, Mikey carries a self-assured facade, but when it comes to dating, he lacks confidence and finds interactions with the opposite sex awkward.

He hopes to find a genuine girl who sees him for the person he is to share his

fortunate life with.

To check out his Instagram game, follow @mikeypembroke



A little bit of a larrikin, the incredibly handsome Jonethen is ready to settle down.


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What could my caption be?

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Meet the 27-year-old here:

Fun-loving Jonethen lives in the Gold Coast and does fly in-fly out work in mines off the coast of Darwin - an occupation he's had for 10 years, and that has inhibited his ability to meet "the one".

Handsome and sweet with boyish charm, Jonethen does not struggle to attract women.

But thanks to the nature of his work, he finds commitment difficult and struggles to maintain any relationship beyond a few months.

One of five boys in a close-knit family, Jonethen believes it's time to mature and find a girl to settle down with.

He's ready to put in the effort with his perfect match to establish a strong relationship for the long term.



A man with "traditional family values", this Ukrainian-born groom was happy to be filmed urinating on his wedding day, according to early reports.



Here's what else we know:

Ukrainian-born Ivan is a straight shooter with traditional family values.

The Sydney real estate agent is hardworking and ambitious, with an approach that can be


He has strong opinions and calls a spade a spade, speaking his mind and often offending people along the way. Although he's direct, underneath Ivan's tough exterior is a sentimental romantic who believes that "love encompasses all".

His ultimate hope is that his new bride sticks around long enough to get to know who he really is, and he has the opportunity to show his fiercely loyal nature.




Michael became a millionaire at just 24 when he became a shareholder in a family enterprise in the ice business (as in frozen water).

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What a day @teebeeyou_

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Confident and charismatic, alpha-male Michael is a single dad with a toddler and a very successful business.

Michael says he's "good at lots of things but picking women isn't one of them".

A wisecracking joker with a great sense of humour, Michael is never one to struggle with

finding a casual fling. But he's ready to grow up and put in the hard yards with a woman who can keep him in line.

Michael's relationship with the mother of his child ended more than 12 months ago, and they share custody of their son. Now he's looking for a woman to challenge him, whip him into shape and keep him on the straight and narrow - not a job for the faint-hearted.



Another single parent, Chris is a father to two young boys and dreams of a forever marriage, just like his parents'.


Over on the Nine website, he's described as follows:

Youth worker Chris is a genuine, salt-of-the-earth Aussie bloke who hopes to find a fit and outdoorsy girl next door with a shared love of the ocean.

As a single dad of two young boys, a broken home and part-time fatherhood is not the life he

imagined for himself or his kids.

With parents who have been married for 38 years, Chris always pictured the perfect family unit for himself, and he still holds this hope.

Having been shattered by two broken engagements, Chris is determined to find the

woman who will complete his ideal family portrait and potentially add to their brood in time.



David is described as a "wannabe cowboy who is looking to lasso a wife".


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Just doing my thing in woodlands historical park

A post shared by David (@dave_the_cowboy88) on

Here's his full description:

David is a 31-year-old former boxer who now drives trucks for a living. He lives on 300 hectares of horse farmland, and when he's not working, he's training his two horses. Naturally, he'd relocate for love but "only if I can take my animals". Having endured a severe spinal injury resulting in surgery thanks to his boxing career, David managed to rehabilitate himself and come back to the ring, which is one of his proudest achievements. Now a wannabe cowboy, he wants to find someone equally as strong-willed as he is.

The son of a policeman and a stay-at-home mother, David's parents are traditional Christians who are sceptical about this method of finding love.

Their approval is important to him, but for David the key is finding that connection he's been searching for since his engagement broke up at just 19.



Josh wants everyone to know he is no longer Lord of the Dancefloor. He hung up his white snakeskin loafers because he's looking for love.


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My most favourite person in this world 💙

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Josh is the quintessential loveable Aussie tradie who, until recently, loved to be the life of the party - so much so that he too often put partying before partners. His deepest regret is losing the "one who got away" thanks to his larrikin ways.

Despite his active social life, Josh is a serial monogamist, having had three long-term

relationships since the age of 19.

A knockabout bloke with a sensitive side, Josh has plenty of love to give and is ready to settle down with "the one" and start a family. He vows to never let love escape him again and hopes his next relationship will be forever.


A single dad to girls, Luke says after his decade-long marriage ended, he fell in love with a woman who left him for his neighbour. He's on Instagram @lukeyeglin, but you won't find a photo of his face.


Single dad Luke also joins the MAFS cast. Picture: Channel 9.
Single dad Luke also joins the MAFS cast. Picture: Channel 9.

More on Luke:

As a hardworking fly in-fly out worker and the single dad of two teenage daughters, Luke truly has his work cut out for him when it comes to finding time for dating.

Married for 10 years to the mother of his girls, Luke became a dad at the age of 21 before he and his wife eventually grew apart.

Focused on providing a solid life for his daughters, he continues to put his entire family first and prioritises home life above all else.

Luke has endured his fair share of heartbreak and his last relationship ended 4½ years ago. After meeting online they were together for two years before she left him for his neighbour. Now, despite his work and "Mr Mum"' life situation, Luke is finally putting his heart on the line.


MAFS season 7 premieres on Monday, February 3, on Nine.

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