Where to find the cheapest fuel in Central Queensland

EMERALD locals are encouraged to fuel up when travelling out of town, with the major Central Highlands hub offering some of the highest fuel prices across Central Queensland.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said Emerald prices were about 20 cents per litre (cpl) more than Rockhampton and Gladstone.

“Emerald is one of the most expensive centres in Central Queensland with the average price currently sitting at 133.8cpl,” she said.

“When compared with other towns like Gladstone and Rockhampton, where the average is 106cpl and 114.6cpl, it can be incredibly frustrating for drivers.”

Ms Smith said the price difference between Emerald and other towns came down to local competition.

“There aren’t many servos in Emerald which means there isn’t much competition,” she said.

“There is one site offering a cheaper rate of 124.9cpl, but this is an unmanned site (Puma depot, Robert St) where electronic payment is required.”

However, smaller towns across the region have much cheaper fuel prices, despite having fewer service stations and far less competition.

Varying fuel prices across Central Queensland on November 24, 2020.
Varying fuel prices across Central Queensland on November 24, 2020.

Blackwater currently has the cheapest prices in Central Queensland, with BP Blackwater selling unleaded for 108.9cpl and diesel for the same price, according to PetrolSpy Australia.

Moranbah isn’t far behind with unleaded costing 113.9cpl and 115.9cpl for diesel, followed closely by Clermont with unleaded for 117.7cpl and diesel for 116.7cpl at Choice Clermont.

Prices vary between 120cpl and 128cpl Capella, Dingo, Rubyvale and Springsure and rise to above 130cpl in Emerald and Middlemount.

Ms Smith urged all drivers to use price comparison websites to find the cheapest fuel available.

“We urge all drivers to look at the apps and websites every time they need to fill up and make sure they’re not getting ripped off,” she said.

“At Moranbah, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Blackwater there is cheap fuel available for those who use the price comparison websites out there and lock down the best deal.”

Fuel prices across the region (CPL):

Blackwater – 108.9 unleaded, 108.9 diesel (BP Blackwater). Other service stations offer 119.9 for unleaded, same for diesel.

Capella– 122.5 unleaded, 125.9 diesel

Clermont– 117.7 unleaded, 116.7 diesel (Choice Clermont)

Dingo– 127.9 unleaded, 129.9 diesel (Caltex Dingo)

Duaringa – 119.9 unleaded, 132.9 diesel (BP Duaringa Truckstop)

Dysart– 118.9 unleaded, 121 diesel (BP Dysart)

Emerald – 133.9 for unleaded at majority of service stations. 131.9 unleaded, 129.9 diesel (BP Emerald) and 125.7 unleaded, 119.7 diesel (Puma Emerald depot, Robert St).

Mackay – ranging from 109.9 unleaded, 110.9 diesel (Glenella Fuels) to 119.9 unleaded, 118.9 diesel (BP Paget). The rest are mostly sitting at 116 for unleaded and diesel.

Middlemount – 139 unleaded

Moranbah – 113.9 unleaded, 115.9 diesel

Rockhampton – ranging from 110.9 unleaded, 108.9 diesel (independent Lakes Creek Rd), to 123.9 unleaded, 125.9 diesel (Mobil Glenmore Rd). Most others sitting at 113/114 for both unleaded and diesel

Rubyvale – 122.9 unleaded, 123.9 diesel (Blue Gem Tourist Park) while unleaded is 157.9, 157.9 diesel (Sapphire Trading Post)

Springsure – 123 unleaded, 120.9 diesel (JR & GE Nixon P/L)

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