Where to find Gladstone's cheapest fuel today

UNFAIR fuel prices are staying put in Gladstone, with the average price of unleaded petrol at 125.7c.

All but two Gladstone petrol stations are charging motorists between $1.25 and $1.299c to fill up at the tank.

The only two that aren't are Puma Gladstone Depot and CQP Gladstone, which are listed as under 119.9c.

FUEL PRICE: Gladstone fuel prices are staying high.
FUEL PRICE: Gladstone fuel prices are staying high.

Another two, CQP Gladstone Marina, United South Gladstone, and both of the city's Shell stations, don't have their fuel price listed.

But in a twist that is sure to raise the eyebrows of Gladstone motorists, towns surrounding the city, including Boyne, Calliope, and Benaraby, all the way to Agnes, has fuel listed at below $1.249 or below $1.199.

But a few isolated stations, including the Caltex at Bororen and Choice Mount Larcom, are still charging motorists more than $1.25 at the bowser.

BIT RICH: There's a huge disparity in Gladstone's fuel prices.
BIT RICH: There's a huge disparity in Gladstone's fuel prices.

The sudden rise in fuel prices has shocked local motorists, who enjoyed historically low fuel prices in August, when it plummeted to an average of 113.5c a litre.

While the prices are tough, spare a thought for motorists using the Ampol at Dingo or the BP at Theodore, who are paying more than 135c a litre. 

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