5 reasons Toowoomba is better than Sunshine Coast

FORMER Toowoomba lad Stuart Cumming reckons his new home on the Sunshine Coast is better than our fair city.

The former Chronicle journalist reckons the coast's sunny warm weather is better than our erratic climate, but we can't let that stand.

Here's why we're better at home on the Range.

1. Weather

WHERE else can you see four seasons in one day in Queensland? Coastal areas are too hot, western areas too dry, Brisbane too crowded and the Sunshine Coast too tumultuous.

Toowoomba's weather keeps everyone guessing. It can be as black as a cow's guts outside but when you exit the building and walk the corner, the sun that shines is the reason Queensland is called the Sunshine State.

Also, no risk of tsunamis.

2. Sand

BEACHES are great for family holidays and infrequent visits, but not to live near.

Take it from a former Townsville resident - sand gets everywhere. Hair, handbags, socks, jocks - everywhere. It's the unwelcome souvenir from your time in the sun.

After a short jaunt to the coast, you'll still find grains of sand in places it should never be.

3. Cafe attire

WHILE we applaud people who walk beachfronts in budgie smugglers and two-piece bathing suits, there's a time and a place for everything.

Beachside cafes are a great place for Sunday brunch and to meet up with long-lost mates, but let's be honest - sitting beside seasoned surfers wearing nothing but Tony Abbott-inspired swimwear can be a little unsettling.

Here in Toowoomba, we wear the appropriate clothes for the occasion, and even casual café attire means a hoodie or scarf is not far from reach - even in summer.

4. Traffic

EVEN in peak-hour traffic, the average trip from one side of town to another is a mere 15 minutes. Who even knows how long it would take on the Sunshine Coast?

Maybe it's that glaring sunshine and people's preoccupation with souvenir sand that holds up traffic. Also, our Warrego Hwy is nowhere near as notorious as the Bruce Hwy.


5. Heritage

FROM our buildings to our festivals, Toowoomba is a city that is proud of its history.

We've got the Carnival of Flowers and The Chronicle Garden Competition, and we excel at both.

From what I understand, the Sunshine Coast has a few little festivals but none that rival our fair city.


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