What to do when visiting the folks is too darned pricey

WHEN is it too often to visit your parents?

I'm not sure if there's a right or wrong answer, but I thought I'd throw it out there to have a think tank.

I suppose there are opposing views based on whether or not your parents are 1. Alive, and 2. In the same postcode as you.

What I mean, is do they live in the same city as you, or do they live interstate as mine do?

I'm asking because since my parents moved back to New South Wales late last year, I'm in a pickle as to when I should go down and make the visit.

I guess doing the travel once a year for Christmas might do for some families who may not get along well, but as I get on quite well with mine, maybe the once a year visit is not be enough.

Sure you can have a conversation over the phone or Skype, but it's not the same as being in the same kitchen and making a cuppa and spilling it as you trip over the dog lying in the hallway.

I guess heading down to Blues territory perhaps twice a year may be the way to go, but as you would appreciate any sort of travel can be expensive, especially out of Gladstone.

You normally have to book a year in advance to get a deal that doesn't involve selling part of your kidney to pay for it.

I priced a trip and I just couldn't press the purchase button when it screamed $1100 for a one way trip.

I thought about travelling down in the school holidays when I next have some time off from the radio, but everyone else seems to have the same idea as me and so the prices are as expensive as a politician's pay rise.

To save everyone the expense and torture I've now told my relatives that I won't visit NSW for Christmas this year.

I'm asking them all to come up here to save me some money. I guess it will save me a few dollars, and for them they can all stay with me in the two-bedroom house to save even more money.

The only catch is I priced the airfares for everyone to come up and it shocked me. The bill has come to $4390 for all of the clan to come up to CQ.

Oh well. The hell with the amount, I'm not paying for it. See you at Christmas, family! I'll shout you lemonade.

By the way, can you bring a mattress or three please?

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