ALWAYS ON CALL: Heartfelt thanks to Agnes paramedics

WHEN tragedy strikes the Agnes Water region it is the five caring and respected paramedics who are among the first on the scene, 100km from the nearest hospital.

This week Angelique Brewer realised this first hand, when she found an elderly man collapsed on his balcony.

The 51-year-old woman was at her friend's home when she heard a "almighty bang" from the neighbouring property.

"I rushed down the steep driveway and up a whole lot of stairs next door," she said.

She found the man lying on his back, with his arm bruised and bleeding.

Unable to lift the more than six-foot-tall man, and unsure of the damage done to his body, Ms Brewer called the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Her nerves quickly eased when two "lovely" paramedics arrived. She said they made her feel calm while they treated the man's injuries from his fall.

Feeling overwhelmed by the "professional and caring" service, Ms Brewer thanked the paramedics via a Facebook post.

Other residents also commented how lucky the region was to have such passionate paramedics.

Agnes Water/1770 Local Ambulance Committee president Jodie Meng said the paramedics saw things that people shouldn't see.

"They're human too, they have children and loved ones, so it is hard for them ... But they get on with the job, and they do it very well," she said.

Officer-in-charge, Brett Schultz, said he was humbled by the feedback.

He said it was his challenging and fulfilling work as a paramedic that has kept him and his wife and son at Agnes Water for almost ten years.

"It's a challenging environment to work in, with the distances to the hospitals (more than 100km away) and the length of time we care for our patients," he said.

"I love being with people and being able to treat them, they put trust in us and allow us into their lives."

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