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What's your New Year's Resolution for 2016?

FOR SOME people New Year's resolutions come and go as quickly as the countdown to midnight, while others storm on through and never look back.

The reason most of us stumble and fall and find ourselves back making the same promises to ourselves year after year is because we bite off more than we can chew.

Perhaps if New Year's Eve revelers stepped back from the fray just a little bit before taking the plunge to commit to something potentially life changing, more of us would be able to stick to our resolutions for longer than a week.

When thinking of the perfect New Year's resolution people need to keep it simple and set smaller goals before trying to climb the mountain.

But if this year you insist on setting yourself an impossible resolution, here's some help to get you past the first few weeks.

The fireworks (oh, wait this is Gladstone there aren't any) have just gone off and there you are swaying from side to side and drawing on a cigarette telling everyone within earshot how you're going to finally give up smoking for good… that is, after the last packet.

Sadly whatever line of attack you choose, it's not going to be pretty.

You can either go cold turkey or surround yourself with nicotine patches, gums or sprays.

Going cold turkey is never a good idea and unless you have an iron will, which more than likely you won't because you're a smoker, you will find yourself puffing away again soon enough, much to the relief of those around you.

The best thing you can do is to gradually ease off the smokes with a little help from quitting aides.

Nicotine patches can be very expensive but if you go to your local doctor and say you want to quit you can get patches for a fraction of the cost.

Cutting booze out of your life is another tough one and unless you plan on locking yourself away from your mates, you're not going too last long.

One way to try and beat the post drinking blues is to join Hello Sunday Morning - a social media movement that helps you stay sober. (

Finding love isn't impossible but it's pretty unlikely and shouldn't be on anyone's New Year's resolution to do list.

However, if you insist on finding the "one" and you've already exhausted all options with your friends and workmates, speed dated, opened online dating accounts and been burnt once or twice on Tinder, then there's always some French, Spanish or Italian guy ready and waiting in Europe.

Failing that look to find friendship first and build from there. 

Good luck with setting your resolutions for 2016 and tell us what you hope to achieve in the New Year.

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