How to bring a bit of happiness into your life

JUST be happy. Easier said than done some may say, but happiness is an important part of life to reflect on.

Thursday marked International Day of Happiness, first celebrated in 2013 on March 20 after the UN General Assembly passed a resolution to celebrate happiness and encourage people around the world to focus on and share things that make them happy.

So what makes you happy? Is it family and friends, running high on endorphins, scrumptious food, or perhaps beautiful weather (be it snow or sunshine)?

Since being happy is important, I say extend the celebrations to the weekend. Spend time today and tomorrow doing things that simply make you smile.

Unsure of what to put on the agenda? I'll be whooping it up in Brisbane visiting friends (pretty darn happy about that), but here are some ideas that you can do right here in the Gladstone region.

Head to the beach or a park. Spend time out in the sun and away from technology.

It soothes the soul and there's nothing better than a swim in the sea.

Once you're pooped from activities, get a good night's sleep.

Ten full hours of uninterrupted bliss or an afternoon nap on the couch is a sure-fire way to get you thinking straight about what makes you happy.

At the very least you won't have bags under your eyes.

This brings me to the next point. Pamper yourself. Looking good can help people feel good on the inside.

Alternatively, spend time with loved ones. Speaking of good company, the unlimited love you get from pets is heart-warming.

If your home is currently without an adorable creature, the Friends of RSPCA has a whole range of animals looking for homes.

So, finish the paper - because reading is another idea that should be on the above list - and keep the happiness wagon going.

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