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What you said: Drug testing for people on welfare causes a stir

FEDERAL member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd's push for drug testing for those receiving welfare caused a stir in the region.

Many were for the plan while many were against the proposal.

Julie Anne said nobody was above being tested for drugs.

"Pollies, lawyers and judges should undergo drug testing," she posted on Facebook. "No one should consider themselves above reproach where drugs are concerned! If welfare recipients get done, then so should all these others."

Amanda Pershouse had her concerns about the idea.

"I'm as anti drug as they come and am a qualified drug and alcohol tester but what I'm concerned about is if someone is at a barbecue around other people smoking marijuana, it can show up in their system, are they going to lose their payment? "I agree 100% for all other drug types but marijuana is such a grey area because you don't need to use to test non-negative," she posted.

Steve Roberts also had his concerns.

"I have no dramas with this except I know that eating poppy seed bread can return a positive test an it needs another test to prove it's not drugs, so if they are going to do it they need to ensure they get the correct result and not penalise the innocent," he wrote.

Mary Austin said it was "about time" it was done.

Brett Smith was in the same boat as Ms Austin.

"Best thing he has done since being elected," he posted.

Liz Featherstone had an idea of a way "to make it fair".

"Why should it only be the unemployed? If the laws do go that way, everyone on any government benefit should be tested," she wrote.

"All parenting benefits as well. What about pensioners and carers. Yep do everyone that's the only way it's fair."

Fred Bunny had an alternative to the approach.

"It's a popular idea and I like it but how much is it going to cost? Why not use this money training the people on the dole so they can get a job?"

Glen Porteous said something similar.

"How about using the money for long term employment training and job creation?," he wrote.

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