WHAT YOU SAID: Don't have a pet if vet costs are too much

OWNING a pet is expensive, but for The Observer's social networkers, the cost is well worth it.

Many residents had their say on a story published in Monday's Observer about the state of the local pound and RSPCA services.


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Posted by The Observer on Sunday, 14 June 2015


Katya Demchenko: Our gorgeous boy wound up with a spiral fracture down his fib, tore muscle and acl, a couple weeks ago, playing footy with us on Lilly's beach. Upon purchasing our puppies we made the commitment to take on the responsibility to care for them to the best of our ability.

Katya Demchenko's dog.
Katya Demchenko's dog.


Unfortunately we did not have insurance on him and It has cost us over $7000 so far, on vet bills, specialist etc, that's not including the time off work we have had to have to drive him down to the sunshine coast for surgery, or the after care and other vet expenses to come during the healing process. But not once did we think twice.

It breaks my heart that so many people want responsibility but when it all gets to hard and costly or the pet suddenly doesn't fit there lifestyle are willing to throw it away like an old toy. No we didnt have spare money to throw around, but we as owners accept full responsibility for his care. It breaks my heart majority of people I have spoken to would have taken the easy way out and, as they say, 'put a bullet in his head!' And got another dog.


Kelly McCann Hancock: Our little dog broke his leg too. $5000 later he is all healed and happy. We never gave up and never once said " oh let's put him down" people who have pets need to take more responsibility. For those who dump their animals or get them put to sleep need harsh fines and banned from owning pets! Pathetic people, makes you wonder how they treat their kids. An animal is for life!!!

Margy McArdle: Owning a pet should not cost as much as it does. Once upon a time, owning a pet was a private and personal affair, now, there are so many activist/extremist groups playing big brother that every little issue with someone's pet/animal is frowned upon. And every visit to a vet costs a small fortune. Registration requirements are over the top, and the fees are ridiculously expensive. A pet cannot even live out its life and die of natural causes without someone saying it is neglected.

Tameka Bishop: Pets are for life and they sure come with unexpected expenses we dont think will happen an medical

Tameka Bishop's dog.
Tameka Bishop's dog.

bills my dog (pictured right) has a few problems which has cost me $4000 so far an tomorrow where of to brisbane specialists for treatment an shes only 10 months old if you cant afford the unexpected vet bills please do NOT buy a pet



Taya McTighe: A family shouldn't have to go without a loving pet because of how costly vet bills are, everyone always says if you can't afford don't get one, well last time I checked to even get a pet you pay for it, then it's needles, it's hygiene, it's worming, it's rego, it's food and wellbeing.. If they couldn't afford it they couldn't have got the pet in the first place! It's no ones fault that unexpected things happen, and 9 times out of 10 people don't just have hundreds to thousands just laying around when these things happen! Vets are way to expensive! A doctor sometimes costs less! People really irritate me when they say that!


Dorothy Lewis: I think the costs of vets are way out of the average persons reach. Alot of people just dont realise the costs involved.

Kye Maree: It cost me more for my fur baby to go to the vet ( for a virus ) than it does for me to go to a Doctor. Thank goodness they don't get sick a lot.

Gracie Ellis: Yes - vet bills are expensive. So if you can't afford them, don't have a pet. Not exactly rocket science. It's like saying "I have absolutely no way at all to care for this child, but babies are cute so I had one. Cut me some slack". People need to learn to take responsibility.

Tracey Peters: My dog Gary is like a child to me as was my Sally who I sadly laid to rest last year at 15 years n 2 months. A pet is forever, well in my opinion anyways. And being there to comfort them as they drift off is the most compassionate n right thing to do. But it's just my opinion, others will be different and that's that way of the world

Jennifer Cantrill-Ryall: Those of us on very low incomes find it hard to get vet care for our pets because they want the money up front or they REFUSE treatment. We can apply for finance but often are refused based on income. I'm heartbroken for this poor fella and his family, it must have been difficult for them to do this.

Kate McClusky: That is why pet insurance is a great option, I have it and although you have to pay upfront atleast 80% is reimbursed.. its saved me thousands.. an amimal is for life not just for christmas.. its all well and good to want to own a pet but in reality if you cant afford to care for its need physically and financially then dont do it..

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