LOVING CARE: Catherine Bartlem Maroske with bull arab cross Billy, who is up for adoption with the Friends of the RSPCA.
LOVING CARE: Catherine Bartlem Maroske with bull arab cross Billy, who is up for adoption with the Friends of the RSPCA. SARAH BARNHAM

WHAT YOU SAID: Backyard breeders are at work in Gladstone

FRIENDS of RSPCA foster carer Catherine Bartlem Maroske believes backyard breeders and those who refuse to desex their pets are an ongoing problem in Gladstone, and plenty of The Observer readers agree.

After Ms Maroske told The Observer that an "unspeakable" amount of cats and dogs are in need of care, we asked our social networkers for their thoughts.

A Gladstone woman, who cares of abandoned dogs, believes backyard breeders and those who refused to desex their pets...

Posted by The Observer on Friday, 24 July 2015

Deb Lashford: Choosing the the wrong dog for the situation is way up there, not all dogs are suitable for all homes, and I will go so far as to say that some homes will not suit many if any dogs. Pups are bought on a whim, then they grow too active, too big, too demanding, too hairy, too time consuming and with so many people away for long hours working they become too noisy, destructive or become masters of escape. Raising a dog takes time and commitment it becomes just too hard for some and the whole pretty picture dissolves and the dog pays the price by being rehomed, surrendered or unclaimed. For some dogs the cycle just continues.

Coralee Taylor: Good on this lady for what she is doing for the animals. Pets are a commitment for life-their lifetime. Too many take the easy option and are not committed. It should be mandatory for all pet owners to desex their pets, unless registered breeders with the Canine Control Council/Dogs Qld. That would go a long way to stopping the.oversupply of pets and the backyard breeders, who think they're gonna make some quick bucks and adding to this huge problem.



Steve Roberts: Support the council, its not a nice job being a law enforcer, there are so many dogs in glady still not chipped, lets get council out an check an give big fines, ppl have had enough time to comply, I see still many wandering dogs which really causes a chunk of these unwanted litters, if your dog is desexed or not its still the owners who must contain them within their yards, lets start taking a harder stance an support the ones who try doing it right. some of these ppl pay hundreds for a dog but cant follow laws, lets start the war. rescue groups are overrun with the overflow, I'm sure they would prefer it was a lot quieter on the unwanted side of things

Melissa Sweeney: So many backyard breeders, you only need to look at classifieds to see so many people just do not realise that even though they may find them good homes now, you never know where these dogs will end up.

Kylee Haines: While agree with the fact there are a lot of unwanted dogs etc I am the lucky owner of 2 mixed breed puppies/dogs and if it wasn't for backyard breeding I wouldn't have these 2 in my life- anyone that knows me personally knows what this 2 precious animals have done for me and I have many people ask me if I will breed them together because they want a pup out of them

Tammy Ellem: I agree with all comments. It's truly sad that people get dogs and cats yet toss them away when it doesn't suit them.

Sarah Rookes: Couldn't agree more with everyone!! I'd love to open my doors to all the poor fur pets left behind in this town- those that have a 'home' but still go uncared for included x

Sheryl Bohm: You just can never get it through peoples heads before adopting a pet to think of it as if it needs at least the same amount of care and attention as a child. It may be your responsibility for 16 or more years just like a child.. if your pet is prone to needing a vet as problems surface and needs treatment/s then figure on thousands of dollars over a few years or even in one hit if complicated surgery required or got a snakebite for 2 good examples. Dont kid yourself you can just rely on others to care for them when you go away either.. kennel stays will cost hundreds each time. Backyard breeders and puppy farms are notorious for inbreeding and its inherant medical issues. It's not rocket science folks. Use common sense.

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