What the gas industry will mean


Employment of locals within the industry.

Global and national investment into the Gladstone region.

Lower carbon content: combustion of natural gas produces 40% lower carbon dioxide emissions than coal use and 22% lower than oil per unit of energy produced.

In transport, using natural gas instead of petrol or diesel can reduce CO2 emissions by 15-25% for an equivalent amount of energy; proven and cost-effective technology, and existing infrastructure:

The infrastructure required to deliver natural gas to markets is largely in place and the technology required to develop it efficiently and safely is proven and cost-effective.

Gas-fired power stations are able to replace coal-fired power stations with short lead times compared with the construction of alternative power generation options.

LNG is unlikely to cause significantly bigger shipping costs, even if more ships are needed to meet greater demand.

Gas-fired plants can provide constant and reliable power generation with the ability to scale up rapidly to meet supply shortfalls

LNG is becoming a global commodity, available from a growing number of countries.



Local fishermen will lose access to areas within the Gladstone Harbour.

Local employers have trouble holding on to employees due to high wages in the area.

Housing and rental prices will increase with demand.

CSG extraction releasing huge volumes (gigalitres) of salty underground water

Potential to contaminate groundwater supplies and valuable agricultural land

Depletion of the groundwater resources, threatening the Great Artesian Basin;

Disruption to food production from the vast network of bores, pipelines and roads playing havoc with agricultural land.

Millions of tonnes dredged and dumped in the Gladstone Harbour

Threats to dugong sanctuary, dolphins, turtles, fisheries and other marine life

Gas pipelines crossing the Boyne geological fault line which formed The Narrows

Destruction of area on Curtis Island.


LNG decision due today

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